a quick way to invite more ease into your life...

Have you ever stopped to pay attention and wonder if you’re making your life way more difficult than it needs to be? With your self-talk, the drama, the stress, holding on to a story of the stressful event or fight you had earlier this week or the food choices you made?

Our hunch is the answer is yes.

Because we do it too.

Here’s the one question we ask ourselves (a lot) and want you to ask yourself:

How can I let this be easier?

We often push, force, over-complicate, over-analyze, play out future events in our heads that haven’t even happened (and likely never will) and mentally twist and turn previous moments and past events to have different endings when in fact, they've already happened and we can't change them.

Maybe you beat yourself up because of that bagel you ate or because dinner isn’t on the table and the kids are screaming, or the fight you had with your partner days or weeks or months ago.

Maybe you can’t stop bringing up THAT conversation with your sister again or you’re pushing yourself with the gazillion expectations you have for yourself or for your child or your partner… or your coworker, your parent, your sibling, your friend.

We exhaust precious emotional energy left and right and it all eventually leads to a stress response, something we will be talking about in our next blog post because all of this impacts your health. Maybe as much or more than what's on your plate. 

For today, we want you to bring to mind a situation in your life that feels hard right now.

Now ask yourself:

  • Am I making this more difficult than it actually needs to be?
  • How can I let this be easier?

Whether it's about your relationship with food, with your body, your spouse, your child, your parent, friend or boss, is there a way you can allow yourself to let it be easier?


  • Add this simple question into your day: How can I let this be easier?
  • Maybe there's something specific. Perhaps it's just moving through your day & when stress arises, you ask the question. Ask it again and again and again. Put it on a post-it note or on your phone as a reminder throughout the day. 

No matter what you are struggling with, we are betting when you ask this question with an open mind and heart, you can allow more ease to come into your life.


Angelle & Jill