I needed to do this Reset!! I have severe anxiety for years , addicted to bread, pasta & cheese!! This program has OPENED my eyes.... not only is the food AMAZBALLs, but I feel great!! Less anxiety, no bloating, skin looks better!! This has really been a LIFESTYLE CHANGE for me!! I can only move forward from this experience!! Thank you sooo much!! I could not have done this without this support group!!
— Cynthia H.
I did this Reset with the intention of learning about my body and learning about the foods to put in it. Bonus, I lost weight (10 pounds!) without even trying, no counting calories, no points, only eating clean and healthy. Thank you!
— Darlene R.
Before this Reset I was just at the point of giving up!! I felt terrible, my weight continued to creep upwards and I had pretty much accepted that this is just what happens when you age. I am so thankful that this popped up in my Facebook feed at just the right time and that I accepted the invitation! Within 2 weeks I lost 11 pounds and was hardly ever hungry. My mood improved and I felt nourished. The elusive tremor in my right hand went away and the bloated, heavy feeling that was always there is gone! I have learned that fat (the right kind) is your friend, not your enemy! I learned how to listen to my body to understand why I was reaching for that ice cream in the freezer and how to satisfy that need in the way my body needed - and not just by what I was conditioned to do. I learned to really think about what a ‘bottom line’ is and was empowered to start loving myself back. This was an education and not just a 14 day plan! This is do-able with real food and real support! Thank you Angelle and Jill - you have given me a wonderful gift!
— Beth E.
Before I did the Reset I really suffered from a caffeine addiction and poor sleep. The caffeine was wreaking havoc on my life in ways I didn’t realize until I quit and focused on eating balanced, healthy meals and getting to bed by 10 p.m! I was waking up naturally at 5 a.m. and getting more done than before without coffee, with lots of steady energy to support me!
— Melanie S.
This Reset for me was easy to assimilate in my life. I did the prep which made it easier. My cravings went away! I lost weight! My joint pain diminished about 75%. Most importantly I felt empowered to eat clean. I love the teaching on ‘bottom lines’. Thank you Angelle and Jill!
— Susan P.

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Before I started this program, I felt bogged down in my mind and outlook and stressed out with my work. I signed up in the hope that the 14 days would shake me out of my winter rut and give me renewed energy going into spring and summer. Wow, I got more than I ever imagined! I loved the daily email reminders and the invitations to think and journal around topics that built on each other as the days passed. I am still thinking about and digesting the information from those emails. Your guidance and support were outstanding. The combination of an easy meal plan, complete with delicious recipes, along with emotional support and information around eating habits was powerful for me. I met my two main goals of releasing the mental compulsion to graze my way through every evening, and to release some physical body weight. I am feeling more energetic, calmer and better able to cope with daily stress at work. Thank you both so, so much!
— Susan H.
This Reset was very doable. I never felt hungry or deprived. I was amazed at the amount of energy I had, patience with my children and day to day stresses. I feel clearer in my thinking and my body has never felt so good. Before the Reset I had very painful joint pain and I was always tired no matter what time of the day. I feel happy, more filled with joy than ever. I can’t say enough about this program and how wonderful to be doing it with others just like me - the community of support and knowledge brings it into full circle - a complete package.
Oh and one more thing...people have said things to me-
”you look good”
”you’re glowing”
”did you just come back from vacation?”
”have you lost weight?”
”what’s going on with you?”
The suspicious looks... It’s funny. So others are noticing a difference too.
Before doing the Reset I found cravings as a weakness. Now I see them as a call to attention - and deeper than just a feeling of hunger, but of my heart. Gosh, Jill and Angelle are just so good in communicating the reality of cravings through the daily emails and the support call - so grateful for their wisdom and the truth about cravings. Perspective is everything and mine has definitely been transformed.
— Courtney O.
I was in a food rut. I was tired of meal planning and was feeling like my family just wasn’t eating that well. I also have had a lot on my plate lately and haven’t been focusing on taking time for myself. I wanted to make the investment in ME and do something for myself. During and after the Reset I noticed that my energy increased. I no longer have that mid afternoon crash with the sugar/caffeine cravings. I thought it would be difficult to give up the things I loved and change my eating habits, but after a few days, I didn’t miss them and I’m really enjoying that changes I’ve made.
— Daisy
This is the best program ever! I love how practical it is and how we incorporate different foods of the season. The accountability holds me to it.
During the Reset my digestion improved, bloating decreased, and I lost 5 pounds. I became aware of what hunger really means and stayed in tune to how the food actually made my body feel.
— Richelle
I was really in need of structure and a full body reset to figure out why I was having so many skin and digestive issues that no matter what I was trying, wasn’t totally working. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so having a group for support as well as all the meals and recipes planned out for me made it an easy decision to make. I like the organization and the life support. At what seemed like a breaking point for me on so many levels, I decided to take care of myself and try to get to the bottom of some issues I was struggling to find answers to. Whether it was an incredibly busy and crazy time for me or not, I was done making excuses.

This program is exactly what I needed!

I really learned a lot from this 2 weeks of caring for myself and my family. By prepping ahead and having a plan, it really makes life sooo much easier. I loved having lunch made and ready the next day and not having to think about it, (especially when it came to packing the kids lunch). It saved so much time and eliminated arguing over what to make and who was going to do it, win/win there. I also learned I really like the liquid days, giving my digestion a break and cooking a break, I felt better every time and loved the ease of the recipes.

My skin issues (rashes, itching, hives and acne) have almost fully resolved in that time, as well as bloating. I now know and can better evaluate the causes by bringing certain foods back in slowly and what was really causing me problems, all while realizing I didn’t actually miss them as much as I thought and have lost most cravings to have them. Another great aspect to the Reset for me was the journaling of emotions. It really got me thinking about the connections and what the true triggers are to our need for certain foods. It helped me to analyze what was really going on and in the end, make it easier not to crave the junk. Thank you Nourish to Flourish Society for the jump start in my next phase of clean eating.
— Carolyn Ceccacci

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Before I did the Reset I experienced joint pain every morning. Throughout this cleanse I noticed that my joint pain was gradually decreasing which really surprised me. This significant decrease in pain has motivated me to continue applying what I learned through this cleanse and I’m extremely grateful.
— Jessica M
The Reset has made a noticeable difference in the way I feel. I don’t think I realized it until the 14 days were over; then I noticed I was sleeping better, I was feeling thinner and definitely a lot less bloated. I also noticed more energy and no cravings for chocolate is a bonus, I lost 6 pounds! Thank you Angelle and Jill!
— Edna S.
The food was simple, clean and filling, and as a runner it really helped me to feel lighter and more energized.
— Michelle
This was a big change for me, especially in the planning and preparation of my food but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it. I LOVE the simplicity of a smoothie for breakfast every day. It also made a big difference in my energy and ability to focus, especially in the late afternoon! My random headaches are gone too!
— Amy McLean
I’ve done other cleanses in the past and this was my favorite because I felt full and satisfied and the new habits have been relatively easy to maintain. With other cleanses I felt really deprived and by the end was so at the end of my rope that I couldn’t really maintain anything. Other cleanses felt much more emotionally stressful, whereas this one had the opposite effect.
— Kristi K.
I love the food on this cleanse. It was light, healthy, and very tasty. It is so wonderful to know that while losing weight, you can be eating nourishing healthy food and not feel hungry between meals. The support from Angelle and Jill is wonderful and very helpful for anyone who is interested in eating healthy, kicking cravings, and understanding your body’s real needs.
— Kim L.
I’m 5.5 months pregnant, and I was excited to nourish my body and our baby with great food for two weeks during the cleanse. I wouldn’t normally attempt a cleanse while pregnant, but I felt that the recipes and regular meal schedule allowed me the freedom to participate, with a few small modifications when needed. I was comfortable that every meal was great for both baby and me, and on the best days, I definitely felt more energized and clear-headed. For someone who isn’t pregnant and looking to jumpstart weight loss or to adjust her eating habits, I think this would be a great place to begin!
— Molly
The program helped me overcome some powerful food cravings that I felt like I couldn’t previously control and moved me further along on my journey to eat healthier.
— Kathy D.
Would I do it again? Most definitely...this has been a game-changer in my life - for life!
— Marla Dye
The program was life changing for me. The recipes were delicious. The support was phenomenal. The daily bites were spot on & applicable. It was an amazing experience overall.
— Heather O.
Before I started the Reset I was struggling with bloating and moodiness. I also struggle with meal planning, having 3 kids and a very busy schedule. The smoothies were amazing and very satisfying! All of the recipes were so good, my kids and husband all enjoyed them as well as I. They required more prep than I’m used to. But I found that I enjoyed that time in the kitchen and found the food more enjoyable as well! The journaling was a huge part for me, emotionally I learned a lot by doing that. I felt I had more energy and less anxiety. Also I could feel my body responding to the whole foods and becoming less bloated!! I ended up losing 11 pounds and would highly recommend you putting yourself first and trying this program. You learn a lot about yourself when you slow down. I also cannot say enough about the support in the Facebook group and from Jill and Angelle was outstanding!!
— Cori Statema
Before the Reset I didn’t know my stress could be helped. I thought it was just part of life as a busy, working mom. This program gave me tools to nourish my body and my mind. The support we got during and after was/is priceless. The information through the daily emails, Facebook group and calls was amazing and so helpful and insightful. I thought I was doing this Reset just for my body. To feel better physically. But I got so much more than that. I have more joy, more calm in the everyday chaos and more tools to make good, real choices for me and my family.
— Marla H.
During the Reset my sense of power, self control, and self respect became stronger with each passing day until I reached the point where I realized just how much I like myself, my body, and my life. The recipes were easy and tasty. I reconnected with the pleasures of cooking and eating. I would highly recommend the Nourish to Flourish 14 Day Reset for anyone looking to vastly improve the quality of their day to day life.
— Kathy R
I had a hard time signing up for this Reset. I have spent a lot of money over the years in the hopes of finding healing. I decided to try one more thing and I am so glad I did! I did lose about 6 pounds but early in I realized that was not what this was all about.... things were being transformed inside of me that I new are going to be long-lasting. The coaching was something I didn’t even know I needed and something that was well worth the money I spent. I am so thankful for these two weeks. Thank you!
— Kendra L
This Program … total game changer for me.

Jill & Angelle, you ladies are brilliant. Truly. Your understanding of our bodies, the science of foods & how they all work together is unbelievable! Your encouragement & support through the FB page, emails with Daily Bites, videos, live calls, etc. have been extremely helpful, informative & applicable. Not to mention the meal plan, unbelievably delicious recipes & the idea that “there is no perfect here”! I’ve never done a cleanse before. Never really ever cared to. However, I was intrigued by this one for a number of reasons…

1. No shakes or supplements (i.e no monthly payment, shakes I don’t enjoy, etc.).
2. It’s all REAL, WHOLE foods that can carry over into life beyond the cleanse.
3. I trust Jill (didn’t know Angelle before, but I trust her now too).
4. I’ve been working my tail off trying to lose weight since the twins were born & wasn’t having great results.

I ran the idea by my husband, he said he would do the food part with me (liquid days included) & so I decided to go for it.
Day 1 we heard comments like, “Oh, we’ll catch up with you in two weeks when you can eat again.” “You’re going to be so tired, how will keep up with your four kids?!” “Well you won’t be any fun for the next 14 days!”
REALLY, PEOPLE!?!?!? Are we only as fun as the food we eat?!
Thankfully the “nay-sayers” spurred me on to prove them wrong.
Days 3 thru 8 were hard ones for me. I was tired & felt like I’d lost my puppy dog. I learned through the emails that emotions may surface as a result of this cleanse. So I pushed through & decided to listen to my body. Instead of grabbing food & stuffing my feelings & emotions, I felt the feelings & acknowledged this may be necessary/part of the cleanse. It was in these days I began to realize how much food was my “go-to” when I’m feeling a number of things…tired, “hungry”, “bored”, etc.
But if I don’t turn to food, then what will fix my feelings?!?!?
(enter your explanations of Expansive vs Contractive feelings) MIND.BLOWN.
So you know what I did…I took a bath. First time in 22 months (yes, since the twins were born)
But wait…Everyday Love…Natural Rhythm…It makes sense. It resonates with me.
I started slowing down at mealtime…became more aware of taste, sounds, feelings, etc. I started to notice the rhythm of my days “slowing down”—if not physically, mentally—for me! Taking walks with my kiddos & being thankful. Present.
I plan to start replacing foods with the best quality options that are right for us, to think about & develop my “bottom lines”, to continue to slow down…I have a LONG way to go, but I now feel like I have tools to help me through the day to day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful practices, reminders & support.
Oh, and did I mention I’ve lost over TEN pounds in the last thirteen days!?!!! My belly fat is almost all gone. That whole not eating between meals to allow your body to go into fat burning mode…there’s something to be said for that! In addition to the well-thought out meal plans, liquid days, my body really needed this Reset. You ladies rock!
— Heather
The program is so positive and supportive. The women involved seem dedicated to creating a support group that encourages & lifts each other up, and it is one of my favorite features of the program.
— Melissa S
Before the 14 day Reset I was tired, bloated, headachy, impatient, joints always sore, and I felt like my thinking was never very clear. I didn’t sleep very well and I’d wake up tired and many times depressed. It felt like pms all the time. I was having anxiety and it was increasing. No matter how much I worked out, the scale wasn’t budging. I felt distracted and pulled, and not much of anything to offer to my family. After the program began, I was only into day 3 when I felt clearer in my thinking, less bloated, calmer, peaceful, Joy FULL, and filled with so much energy. I was sleeping better by the second week, and the anxiety attacks and heartburn had disappeared by early second week. I lost 6 pounds, I’m making better choices and setting lasting bottom lines. My body feels amazing- strong, energetic, light, hormone balanced and HAPPY! This truly is a simple yet powerful life changing program that can easily be a lifestyle.
— Dionne V.
Before I started the Reset I was feeling blah, i needed a reset and this cleanse gave me exactly what i was looking for! I like that it wasn’t a starve yourself cleanse and I loved the variety with liquid days and the delicious recipes. Cravings really disappeared and I also felt like good things tasted better too! I also loved that you could take it at your own level. I love that you could make it your own experience and that all of those tools and/or resources were always available to meet me where I was and with what I needed. It was a great experience!
— Leslie K
Before I did the Reset I had a mocha everyday from Starbucks (the women knew my order and name!), looking back I was anxious and crabby from all the sugar in a mocha, now I’m finding I don’t even want to go back! I haven’t even had any coffee in 2 weeks!!! Crazy, for me! A new norm! The cleanse helped me find a less anxious me!
— Jenny H
Before the Reset I was eating a lot of processed foods and junk. I was addicted to sugar, always thinking about what treat I could eat next. Now I choose foods based on how they will nourish by body. It is so freeing and I feel so great!!! I’m not controlled by food!
— Kelli T
Before the Reset I really didn’t pay attention to how often I was snacking throughout my days. It was a lot! A little here, a little there can really add up and tax your energy. During the Reset I was surprised to find how a shift in consciousness led to more thoughtful eating. I never had that physical and emotional feeling of, “I must eat now!” All of that grazing fell away, and I was much more present for my meals, myself, and for my family.
— Apryl C
Before the 14 day Reset, I hadn’t eaten many truly healthy foods; in fact I had never made a smoothie in my life. At first I was very intimidated by the foods on our grocery list (many I had never heard of), but I decided to jump in with both feet and do this. I felt a great deal of satisfaction in making my own soups and dressings, not to mention delicious meals. I realized that eating healthy wasn’t so hard, and I felt fantastic. Because of the food knowledge that Angelle and Jill provided, I was actually making up my own recipes by the end of week two. I feel confident that I can continue creating meals that use Friendly Fats, Colorful Carbs and Powerful Proteins. I’m more aware of what I’m putting in my body and the effect it can have on my overall well-being.
— Sue Austin
Before I did the Reset I was eating decent during the week except I would let my emotions (especially at night and on the weekends) take control of what I was putting in my body. Now I take a moment to reflect what I am putting in my body AND how it will make me feel. I have slowed myself down with eating which has helped with and improved digestion. My face has cleared and energy has soared. I get deep sleep every night. I loved doing this program. I have learned so much about myself and my relationship with food.
— Melissa Cunningham
Healthy do-able concepts. Very life giving. Very organized. A good value.
— Jessica H
Before I did the Reset I was constantly rushing through my days, always thinking about what needed to get done next. I really wanted (and needed) to slow down. Through the Reset, I realized that my biggest obstacle was not knowing where or how to start making meaningful changes. Jill and Angelle have broken down the process into manageable steps so it just ends up unfolding. I am grateful that I am more present now and continue to look for ways to let there be more ease and joy in my life! Jen M.
— Jen M.
This Reset allowed me the freedom to eat guilt free! I knew what to eat from the recipe guide and then I didn’t need to worry if I was eating too many calories or fat. My family loved the meals and didn’t even realize they were giving anything up. This is how eating was meant to be. I was full through the day and didn’t lack energy. In the end my weight was down and I felt less bloated. This will become a way of life for me and my family!
— Leigh V.

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