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What if you learned exactly what, when and how to eat so that your body could take a big sigh of relief and finally let go of that stubborn weight that’s been hanging around your middle (or anywhere else for that matter) with way more ease than you can even imagine? (and finally say good-bye to that bloated feeling!)


What if those cravings for sugar (or coffee or chips or wine or __________)  that seem so crazy and out of control are your body’s way of trying to tell you exactly what she needs AND you can actually learn how to listen to her and make friends with your cravings and calm your cravings completely?


What if you could wake up in the morning feeling rested and have steady energy all day long, without the crashes that have you reaching for the closest hit of sugar or caffeine? (or couch for a midday nap!)

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Plus, what if you felt more grounded and nourished, less anxious and way more joyful than you’ve felt in a very long time? 

Maybe you don’t even know HOW amazing you could feel and maybe you’ve been missing out on feeling more alive in your body, more clear in your mind, and calmer in your spirit. You’re curious what might be possible for you as a woman who shows up with purpose + passion in your life every day?

What if this woman is just waiting for you to learn how to fuel your body, mind and spirit with the ‘right’ nourishing foods + self-care?

This isn’t one of those 14-day ‘too-good-to-be-true diets’.  It’s not about depriving or restricting or counting steps and points and it certainly isn’t about anything involving low-fat, low-cal, low-taste meals every day of your life! Because who wants to do that anyway??? Definitely not us!

If you give us 14-days to show you this roadmap and you show up powerfully for yourself during this program, you’ll experience a relationship with food, eating and your whole body that feeds you on a deeper level and invites food freedom, slowing down + savoring, pleasure + calm, nourishing you from the inside out.

Before the 14 day Reset I was an emotional eater and craved carbs, sugar, and diet soda. During the Reset all of my cravings went away and I learned so much about why I have the cravings I have. I also lost 14 pounds. My entire relationship with food has changed and I have a much healthier perspective of my body, and food in general.
— Tonya G.


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This 14-day online program will teach you how to nourish + cleanse your body AND your mind so that you can reset your ability to heal and flourish. With tons of support from us and our community of women.
A lot of diets and cleanses out there have a very masculine ‘do it this way or don’t do it at all’ energy around them and can be tough on your body and spirit.

Our Nourish to Flourish 14-Day Reset is different. The recipes will give your body what she needs to be nourished through each season as well as give your body a break from foods that are keeping you from feeling and looking your best.

Because we know that toxins (including unresolved emotions) can be stored in the fat tissues, we’re not stopping with just a menu plan. Each day we will send you some practical & soulful ways to deepen your nourishing and cleansing experience from the inside out.

You’ll be nourishing your body, your mind and your spirit in ways you likely never have, and it’s going to feel amazing. Like we said up front, you’ll be nourishing + cleansing both physically and emotionally. This reset is going to be one of the best things you’ve done for yourself in a very long time. We promise.

One of my biggest challenges is to get my kids to eat more whole food, and minimize the processed food from boxes and bags.  So, I’m always looking for whole food meal and snack recipes that they’ll like.  During the 14-Day Reset my kids loved every recipe I made, and they enjoyed knowing that none of the ingredients were processed.  Besides all of the health benefits I got from doing the Reset, the recipes alone were worth it!
— Carolyn C.

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If you’re tired of that extra weight hanging around your middle section for way too long...

that lower-than-low energy dragging you down each day...

those seriously stubborn cravings for sugar that that seem to control you (yes, we’ve been there too!)...

that hormonal upheaval wreaking havoc on your life each month (been there as well!)...

that less-than-patient self with a little (or way) too much anxiety...

and you’re ready to experience something new, this is for you.

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Hi! We're Jill & Angelle

We’re life coaches for women with an expertise in nutrition, emotional eating and self-care and 24+ years of combined experience helping women learn how to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits in practical + soulful ways every day…

But this wasn’t always the case. Decades ago, things weren’t so nourishing OR flourishing. We are recovering sugar addicts, and we paid the price with chronic stomach aches, sinus infections, crazy PMS, heavy periods, debilitating depression, chronic fatigue, joint pain and more. 

Unlike Angelle’s story, instead of staying with the high sugar, baked goods, white flour white sugar lifestyle, Jill traded in her mountain dew fix for a 4 liter a day addiction to diet soda + a low fat, low calorie restrictive diet, obsession with food, exercise and body which spiraled her into a life-threatening eating disorder at age 19. 

Fast forward present day, this is what we want you to know: after spending those years dieting, counting, restricting, obsessing, over-exercising, binging, weighing, comparing and ignoring our deepest needs and desires, we’ll tell you it IS possible for you to reclaim a loving, nourishing, freeing relationship with food and your body and your life. If we can do it, you can do it. Let us show you how.

Here’s what you need to know: We’ve coached thousands of women through the years - over 2000 women in the 14-day Reset - helping them step off the diet merry-go-round and say hello to a healthy, beautiful relationship with food, their body and life. This Reset is based on current nutrition science as well as proven traditional wisdom. We will teach and support you in learning what, when and how to eat, move and play in ways that align with your natural rhythm and lifestyle. We also support your emotional well-being because food isn’t everything.


The result? A happier, healthier, more nourished woman. What does this look like for our clients? Weight loss, no more cravings, better energy, improved blood sugar and insulin levels, healthier cholesterol levels, no more bloating, better sleep, less or no more joint discomfort, fewer or no more migraines, less or no more anxiety, and more joy. It doesn’t stop there. This Reset isn’t just about you.  A happier, healthier, more nourished woman creates a ripple effect to those around you.

It’s our FAVORITE part of why we do what we do. 

Before the Reset, the weight kept adding on and I was feeling slow, bloated and foggy.  I was searching for a new way and some support.  I found it with The Nourish to Flourish Society.  Jill and Angelle took the fundamentals I already knew and elevated my knowledge and health.  I realized I was addicted to carbs and by the second week of the Reset I was smooth sailing, not hungry, full of energy and ready to continue this path for the rest of my life.  This was the easiest weight I’ve ever lost and I never felt like I was withholding pleasure. I fully recommend this Reset to anyone.  Commit to it fully.  Rope your husband and kids in too.  We all benefitted.  You will find the support and the knowledge you need to answer all those questions you have and maybe find a health you never knew was possible.
— Anne N.

 When we get your foundational roadmap for food and self care in place, it’s a catalyst for living and loving well, and inspiring others to do the same. 

So we’re inviting you to join us. Now more than ever, we need women nourished and taking care of themselves in order to show up powerfully for their families and communities. Whether you’re here to lose some weight, boost your energy, feel better in your body, freer in your thinking, calmer in your spirit or all of these, you are in the right place.  Or if you’re realizing that this is so much more than a number on the scale, it’s about health and wholeness, when you show up powerfully, you’ll find what you’re looking for here and more. If you’re ready to create a foundational roadmap for food and self care, join us. 

What our referring providers have to say:

The 14-Day Reset is a beautiful way to help women experience more health and happiness within an amazingly supportive community. I’m completely comfortable pointing women to this program because I know firsthand that Angelle and Jill will support them throughout the entire experience. These two are professional, compassionate, and they really know their stuff when it comes to nutrition, self-care, and how to incorporate both into your already full life. As a holistic MD, I love that it is a valuable resource for women that helps you learn so much about how to nourish yourself in body + spirit while achieving real health benefits quickly.
— Sue McCreadie, MD |
I love that this program has something to offer for nearly every woman! I have referred healthy patients who are simply striving to live an even healthier, clean life as well as those that are currently struggling with their health and wellness. I’ve recommended this program for women with gastrointestinal concerns looking for guidance on an elimination diet as well as those with inflammatory processes and chronic health concerns such as hypertension and diabetes. I appreciate that the support and guidance provided is holistic, truly combining mind, body and soul. I know my patients will be encouraged to not only improve their diets but also learn the importance of daily physical activity/movement, sleep, stress management and general self care. The Nourish to Flourish Society 14-Day Reset really supports all women in a caring and supportive way!
— Laurie Birkholz, MD |
As a therapist, I greatly appreciate that The Nourish to Flourish Society 14-Day Reset is truly holistic, addressing physical, emotional and mental, as well as nutritional aspects, of well-being. After myself and three family members recently completed the Reset we all felt better, slept better and had more energy at the end of a long week! We loved nourishing and cleansing our systems in a way that is both delicious and enjoyable and we’re all continuing to incorporate these ideas in our daily life and diet. Although I have read about and followed nutritional concepts for over 40 years, I learned new things through this experience. I am recommending the program to friends and clients and my family plans to do the next Reset because along with supporting our overall health, it’s also a fun experience to have together.
— Patricia Baer, LMSW |
As a life coach for new moms and a mom myself, I know just how hard it can be to nourish ourselves every day. Having gone through The Nourish to Flourish Society’s 14-Day Reset myself (three times!) I love that this program is both delicious and doable for us moms. I learned so much both times I went through the program and my family and I all loved the recipes... even my one year old approved of the yummy smoothies!

Angelle and Jill have created a comprehensive program that teaches you what, when and how to eat to look and feel your best. Plus they provide invaluable coaching and support within the private community and through the coaching calls. This 14-Day Reset is a total treat on every level! It is a go-to resource not only for me but also one I will continue to recommend to my clients because I know how much we all need this! After all who doesn’t want to show up as a more patient, fun, and more mindful mama every day?! That’s what happens when you’re nourished in body + spirit through this 14-day program.
— Ambar Gingerelli, Life Coach |



Based on current nutrition science as well as proven traditional wisdom, we’ve put together a delicious seasonal 14-day meal plan specifically designed to reduce inflammation, move your body out of instead of fat storage mode and into fat burning mode, boost your energy, create hormonal harmony and give you way more pleasure when it comes to eating. The good news? We’ve put the meal plan together for you - breakfast, lunch & dinner - no guesswork necessary. The even better news? During the program, you’ll learn WHY these foods are supporting you and develop the confidence to learn what foods works for YOUR body. And the best news? The food is downright delicious. Don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials to see for yourself.


Whether you follow the conventional wisdom of eating 5 or 6 meals a day or you’re on the  low-cal, low-fat and low points diet, you are likely working against your own body. If you’re the former, then each time you eat, your body stops burning fat because you’re giving her energy from ‘the outside’ so she never has to burn stored energy, aka fat. And if you’re the latter, you are putting your body into high stress mode as she is constantly looking for the nutrients she needs to be healthy, not to mention those stress hormones created actually kick your body right into fat storage mode -- the opposite of what you likely want. The good news is in the 14-Day Reset, we show you when to eat so that you align with your body’s natural rhythm (aka superpower!), shift you into fat-burning AND free you up from having to think about food all day long!


You can have all the “right” foods in your life, but if you’re eating in a constant state of rush, grazing throughout the day, eating on the run, this feature of the program is for YOU, m’dear. Learn the number one practice you can easily add to each mealtime and WHY it’s so vital. This alone can be your royal road to weight loss, if that’s your goal. When this 14-days is over, you’ll discover a newfound love for how to eat that best serves your highest good. 

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Learn the #1 food every woman needs in her diet and most often is lacking. This food is key to calming cravings, balancing hormones, getting better sleep, shedding pounds, experiencing mental clarity and discovering a calmer YOU. What’s not to love?


Women tell us over and over that as a result of this Reset they experience less anxiety, more calm and increased joy. Through the combination of foods + daily email invitations, Reset guidebook and coaching, you’ll learn specific ways you can slow down and savor your life. These are things you can easily implement into your daily life; yes, even your full-overflowing-busy-chaotic-rush-filled-life. It’s true.


You’ll learn the true causes of cravings and how to calm them and learn from them. You’ll have two video classes that teach you about your CRAVINGS. You’ll learn why afternoon cravings? Why evening cravings? Why chocolate? Why can’t I eat just one? And why cravings are your BFF.

Before my first Reset I was nervous about more demands on my time and wondered if I would be able to commit to the community enough to be a supportive member. I was struggling with some depression and weight gain while being a caregiver to my husband with cancer.  I really wanted to try it and just decided to give myself permission to do it imperfectly. Now, I am thrilled to invest in this program! It has been key in helping me learn to slow down, increase joy and gratitude, and practice self-care in the midst of an incredible, supportive and nurturing community. This Reset helped me find joy when everything looked so dark, and gave me control over my life and finding out who I am again.  And I loved making time for myself. It was so good for my soul! It really taught me to take time for me.  I really held my quiet times and workouts sacred. And it brought me such joy and calmness.  Jill and Angelle have created something really special that everyone deserves to experience!
— Julie D.


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A comprehensive and beautiful guidebook {pdf} with an overview of the entire program, including mindful ways to approach this Reset, Nourish to Flourish Society wisdom, your guided daily rhythm, 14-day menu plan, prep list, shopping list, nutrition boosts, seasonal fall food chart, detox and drainage support.

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For each day of the program, we’ve laid out a daily meal plan. This is a guided plan, {not a rulebook}, lovingly intended to help you avoid overwhelm and worry about what to cook and eat each day. Everything you need to for these 14 days is laid out in this meal plan, however, you can swap out meals as you wish.

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All the recipes you’ll need for this 14-day program including smoothies, breakfast options, lunch & dinner, tips for eating out, + no-recipe needed meal ideas.

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Throughout the 14 days, we’ll send you daily emails with soulful practical guidance to support your nutritional and emotional needs, intended to educate and inspire you along the journey.

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As added value, we’ve included two educational classes on cravings sent directly to your inbox.

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A private Facebook page will help keep you accountable with additional encouragement, support and inspiration. PLUS, you’ll have direct access to Angelle & Jill in this group to ask your burning questions during these 14 days.







The 14-day Reset registration is now closed.

Be the first to know when our next Reset will open and get started with our audio series, 7 Ways to Nourish Your Life Each Day by signing up below.

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Grab your *free* digital copy: 7 Ways to Nourish Your Life Everyday + 7 Recipes You’ll Love

In this easy-to-read [or listen to] guide you’ll learn our 7 steps for nourishing yourself that will have you looking at self-care in a whole new way. Plus you’ll get 7 delicious recipes that will also keep you fueled for getting through that seemingly never-ending to-do list!



Once you register, you'll receive an automatic confirmation email from us. Then, on the Tuesday prior to our start date you'll get an email that has everything you need to get prepare, including your guides with the menu plan, recipes and shopping list. You'll also receive your personal invitation to our private Facebook Community. Your first daily email will hit your inbox on Saturday with the following day's plan and your Daily Bite, aka food for the mind and spirit. PLUS, we are sending you a fun present right to your real mailbox! 


You'll receive daily soulful practical reflections and guidance by email and personal coaching every day in our exclusive private Facebook Community. You'll receive two educational classes on cravings where you will learn all about the four causes for your cravings sent directly to your email. You will also be able to connect with other amazing women like yourself in our private community for encouragement, inspiration and support. Together we will help you problem solve and overcome any obstacles you're experiencing.


We'll also help you transition out of the 14 days with our Day 15 and Beyond Guide so that you know how to continue to nourish yourself in ways that help you flourish. And, you have the opportunity to receive even more delicious recipes after filling out a short survey.


Wondering if this is worth your investment of time, money and energy? We understand. How about you hear it straight...


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This reset ... total game changer for me. Jill and Angelle, you ladies are brilliant. Truly. Your understanding of our bodies, the science of foods and how they all work together is unbelievable! Your encouragement and support through the Facebook page, daily emails, videos, and live coaching calls have been extremely helpful, informative, and applicable. Not to mention the meal plan! Unbelievably delicious recipes and I love the idea that “there is no perfect here.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful practices, reminders and support. Oh, and did I mention I’ve lost over 10 pounds in the last 13 days!?
— Heather O.
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Historically speaking, I have been overwhelmed in the kitchen with meal planning and knowing where to begin with creating healthier meal options for me and my family. This Reset gave me tools and confidence in starting down a new path in nourishing my heart, mind, and body. I have more energy and joy than I’ve had in months. Most importantly, I have felt empowered in this process which I hope will stay with me for many months to come. I’m so thankful for what this Reset has given me.
— Christen B. |
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Before I did the reset I would have considered myself a grazer and definitely had some different cravings. While learning to calm my cravings and focus on more balanced meals three times a day, these cravings for unhealthy snacks completely vanished... plus I lost weight while never feeling hungry! This isn’t a diet - it’s a mindset and lifestyle and I’m very grateful to take these tools along with me! Jill and Angelle are always there to offer support and lots of helpful tips making the process feel supportive, encouraging and worry free!
— Michelle Tanis | Health Coach + Young Living Wellness Advocate
Before I did the reset, I had been on more than a dozen diets/exercise plans. I tried everything, but was never able to make long-term changes to my eating habits, and that left me feeling frustrated, like I would never find the right solution to address my health concerns. This program helped me tune into my mind, body and emotional state in a way I had never done before. The support, insights and mindfulness component helped me find the answers within myself and use everything I’ve already learned to develop my own approach to my health. I lost weight, broke some unhealthy habits and found a compassion and love for my body that I’ve never had before! Truly a transformative experience. Thank you!
— Jenn M. |
Before I did the Reset, my life felt like it was snowballing downhill. From the food I ate, to the pace I was attempting to maintain, to my emotional ups and downs - it just was not sustainable. The Reset came like a good friend giving me permission to set down all the plates that I was spinning and take a deep breath. It was a break from foods that bred instability and lacked substance, and a step towards getting to know what my physical body needs so she can be restored emotionally and spiritually.
The program is so gracious to wherever someone is on the “learning curve” about their own bodies. We are often taught about dieting and health that “one program should fit for everyone”, but this Reset was so honoring of the differences in our bodies. I not only learned good overall tips, but I learned about MY body. The recorded calls were one of my favorite parts. I felt like it brought such a nice “why” component to the Reset - like a scientific/psychological “why” that resonated so clearly with the results that I was feeling. Because of this, I sleep better, play better, work better, and relate better to myself and those around me. I am grateful for this program that has swept in and taught me to savor not only my food, but my moments. Thank you!
— Carolyn Buck, mom of 4

I love the nurturing community, daily guidance in slowing down and opportunities for nourishing both body and soul. I find the program exceptionally supportive, thoughtful, loving and mindful.
— Jen M.
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During and after the Reset I felt energized, focused and empowered to not only take care of myself but also my four small children. It helped me create space to nourish both my body, spirit and the relationships I hold dear. I am so grateful for this experience. Truly the best experience on a “cleanse” I have had so far.
— Amy D.
I’m so grateful for the way the Nourish to Flourish Society Reset guides me back to the way I WANT to live and eat.
— Kate Bolt,

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