14-Day Reset

Q: Who is the 14-Day Reset for?

A: It’s designed for you if you are a woman who wants to nourish and cleanse physically and emotionally. If you are ready to nourish your body and your mind for 14 days so that you can look and feel your best while exploring your relationship with food, this Reset is for you. It’s also for you if you want to be supported as you ease into a new season.

Q: What foods are not on the menu plan?

A: The menu and food suggestions are designed so that you will easily be avoiding what we call the Suspicious Seven, which includes: (1) A1 Casein (2) Corn, (3) Eggs, (4) Gluten/Grains, (5) Peanuts/Legumes, (6) Processed Sugars, including artificial ones like Splenda, and (7) Soy. You’ll learn why we’re avoiding these during the 14 Days. You will be taking a break from coffee and alcohol. It will be easier than you think because the recipes are delicious so don’t let this scare you off. Hundreds of women have already done this and you can too. Think of it as a personal challenge, or better yet, a gift to yourself!

Q:  What will I be eating?

A:  There are smoothies, soups, salads and delicious entrees included.  Recipes are included and more are shared in the exclusive FB group.  You will be eating the best quality meat, poultry and fish you can find and afford as well as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  Everything else you can find at your farmers market, food co-op or in either a conventional or health food grocery store.  There is a detailed menu plan and shopping list included.     Examples of simple and delicious recipes included: Sloppy Joes, Baked Chicken Fajitas, Pecan Crusted Salmon, Sweet Potato Fries, Dijon Green Bean Salad and Taco Soup. There are 3 liquid days that are spread throughout the 14 days and you can choose from any of the liquid options in the eGuide including smoothies, blended soups, herbal teas, cultured drinks and more.  Other than the 3 liquid days, each day begins with a smoothie (recipes included), followed by a large lunch (suggestions & recipes included), and ends with either a smoothie or a smaller portion of the next day’s lunch which you will prep ahead of time.  Each meal has been carefully chosen to support you in jump starting weight loss, kicking cravings and bumping up your energy! 

Q:  Will I have to cook separate meals for my family?

A: We encourage you to cook these same recipes for your family. They’ve been tested by families with kids and get great feedback. Moms are actually excited because husbands and kids love the food. We are big believers that it is up to us to prepare and offer REAL, balanced meals and it’s expected that they try at least a few bites to train their taste buds to be more adventurous. The more adventurous you are with your taste buds the more adventurous they likely will be so it is important for you to model trying foods and recipes even if you aren’t sure about them and doing it with a positive attitude. We can give you lots of support and ideas for transforming picky eaters – adults or kids – so just ask!

Q: Can I do this if I am vegetarian or vegan?

A: We believe there is not one right diet for every person and every person’s ‘right’ diet can shift throughout your lifetime. You can follow the plan if you are a vegetarian but might want to add in eggs and possibly more gluten-free grains like quinoa. While we are big proponents of eating lots of plant food, we are not proponents of a vegan diet long-term. You could follow the reset plan as a vegan and eat all the delicious soups, salads and smoothies without the meat, fish and poultry added in. You would need to make adjustments but it is doable. We would still suggest avoiding soy during the 14 days though even if you normally eat it.

Q: Do I need special equipment?

A: You will need a blender. It will be helpful, especially in the Fall & Winter Resets, to have a crock pot. Other than that, just some basic cooking utensils. You will be doing some cooking and food prep, but nothing difficult or fancy.

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: If you follow the program, including the emotional and self-care invitations and the suggested detox and exercise options, you will very likely jump start weight loss. Reported weight loss has been between 0 and 19 pounds with the majority falling between 6-12 pounds. The goal is to jumpstart your weight loss and do it in a very healthy way so that you can keep going and reach your desired weight.

Q: Will I feel hungry?

A: You shouldn’t feel very hungry on this program. You may have to adjust the amount of what you are eating and/or drinking at each meal so that you can go from meal to meal without feeling hungry. Often women are not eating enough, especially not enough Friendly Fat and Fabulous Fiber. Plus if your body is used to being fueled by sugar and grains, it can take a few days to shift into using fat for its main fuel, which is the preferred fuel source. Before it shifts, your body will keep sending you ‘I’m hungry’ messages. We’ll help you get through that phase so you can move into fat burning. Also, you will learn to ask yourself if you are physically hungry or emotionally hungry and how to feel nourished either way.

Q: Will I feel tired?

A: Everyone is different. You should not feel extremely tired because you are nourishing your body really well, but if you do it’s just your body’s way of talking to you about slowing down so it can do the cleansing, repairing and rebuilding work it wants to do. You may feel tired and emotional during the 3 liquid days or at any time during the reset because emotions are actually stored in the body, in particular in fat cells so when you release fat, you also release REAL emotions.

Q: Will I need to be close to the bathroom?

A: Unlike some of the harsh cleanses out there, this is a very gentle detoxifying cleanse. No need to be home near the bathroom the whole time for most people. With all of the nutrient-dense foods, your digestive system will benefit from you doing this program and since your digestive health is key to your overall health that is exactly what you want. You could experience constipation from adding in more fiber or you could experience loose stools temporarily. Everyone is different. In our experience your system will come into balance throughout the 14 days. People have reported that afterward they felt a lot more energetic and lighter after doing this kind of a cleanse.

Q: Can I eat out during the 14 Days?

A: The menu plan part of the program is really about knowing what you are putting into your body and not being tricked by the many additives found in restaurant and packaged foods. That doesn’t mean you have to be a hermit for 14 days! You can pack your foods and head out to work or to socialize. We will be sharing ideas in the exclusive Facebook group about how to continue eating well even when you are out at restaurants and social functions. We have lots of tips and tricks for eating healthy while living your life. And if you do have a need to eat out then we can help you decide what your best reset-friendly choices are.

Q: Can I do the reset if I am breastfeeding?

A: Yes, but please check with your doctor or other medical practitioner about any questions you have. The reset is filled with nutrient-dense healthy REAL foods and drinks that both you and your little one will benefit from. You may need to supplement your liquid days with additional reset-friendly foods or drinks. Please let us know if you are breastfeeding so we can help you plan for those days. We’ve had many nursing moms follow our programs and do really, really well.

Q: Can I do the reset if I am pregnant?

A: We can’t tell you what to do, however we can say we wish we were nourishing ourselves this well when we were pregnant! Please check with your doctor or other medical practitioner about any questions you have about the menu plan or suggested supplements. The menu plan is completely food based and is filled with nutrient-dense healthy REAL foods and drinks. You may need to supplement your liquid days with additional reset-friendly foods or drinks. Please let us know if you are pregnant and that you’ve checked with your doctor or healthcare practitioner so we can help you plan for those liquid days if you need extra support.

Q: Is the reset available outside of the United States?

A: Yes, although the physical gift may not be able to be mailed to you. If that’s the case we are happy to offer a digital gift instead. Cost for the program is the same either way.

Q: Should I talk to my doctor before registering for the reset?

A: You should always consult with your doctor or healthcare practitioner with any questions about how a program such as this might impact your personal health situation. Hopefully you have a doctor or practitioner that understands the role of nutrition plays in your health. The menu plan is completely REAL food based and designed to help you have healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. There are 3 days of liquid fasting and we can’t know how each person will specifically respond. People with blood sugar issues – low or high – will want to check in with their doctor regarding the 3 days of liquid-only fasting. The legal wording: This reset program is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice and treatment from your personal physician. You are advised to consult your own doctor or other qualified health professional regarding treatment of your health and any medical problems. Nourish Holistic Health Coaching!, LLC. and/or Jill Tanis, LLC nor anyone who helps facilitate this reset, takes any responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, action or application of medicine, supplement, herb, or preparation to any person reading or following the information in this program. If you are taking prescription medications, you should consult with your physician before beginning any nutrition or supplementation program.

Q: Do I have to be on Facebook to participate?

A: No, however there is an exclusive Facebook group set up for the program. We will be checking in at least once a day to answer questions, support, inspire and educate. Social accountability is extremely effective when working on reaching health goals so it will be ideal for you to participate in the group. People who have participated in our Facebook groups have said that they are one of the best components of the resets because of the community and support there each day.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Per the Terms of Use Agreement you agree to when purchasing the 14 Day Reset, there is no refund for this program. If you are not happy with the program for any reason please email us and we will do everything we can to support you in reaching your health and wellness goals. Remember that it takes years for us to often get to the point we are at when motivated to take a program like this and that a 14-day program will not resolve all of your issues. But, it IS the perfect jump start to see results and be able to continue to nourish your body and reach your ultimate health and wellness goals.