Are you ready to feel  great this summer AND have some fun? We are that’s for sure!

Just the Juicy Details Please...

What is the Summer Lovin' Challenge?
A fun 7-Week Summer Lovin' Challenge that will help you focus on one simple self-care practice from our FREE eBook each week for 7 weeks.

When does it start?
It starts Monday, July 11th, but you can join us anytime during the 7 weeks!

Does it cost anything to join?
No - it's FREE!

What are the 7 self-care practices?
Get our FREE eGuide HERE if you don't already have it. If you are on our list but can't find the eGuide you can unsubscribe and resubscribe to automatically receive it. (We had some glitches when we first set-up our email opt-in so you may not have received your copy automatically.)

What's the self-care swag?
It's the beautiful gifts we are giving away during the challenge. Each week we'll be giving away at least two items that are related to that week's self-care practice. At the end of the 7 week's we're giving away The Ultimate Nourish to Flourish Self-Care Bundle, which includes two 14-Day Fall Cleanses and some goodies you can use during the cleanse. Check out the pictures below to see some of the goodies!

How do I participate and possibly snag the swag?
Request our FREE eGuide: 7 Simple Ways to Nourish Yourself Every Day + 7 Recipes You'll Love and you'll be officially entered. Each Monday you'll receive an email from us with the week's self-care practice + some tips and inspiration. Snag the eBook below or on our homepage.

Can I increase my chances of winning a gift?
Thank you for asking and YES you can! After you've received your FREE eBook, each week when you share what you're doing in a Facebook or Instagram post and tag us @NourishtoFlourishSociety AND #ntfsummerlovinchallenge you increase your chances of winning. The more you post and share the more chances you have to win and we love, love, love to see pictures!

And if you want to know even more about WHY we've created The Summer Lovin' Challenge, keep reading...

As women we are always waiting for the conditions to be right to invest time, energy and money into our own physical and emotional health....

..."I’ll take care of myself when the kids are back to school. When the kids are out of school. When that project deadline at work has passed. When sports season is over. When my mom is feeling better. When my husband gets on board. When, when, when…"

The problem is, you know this, that the conditions are NEVER perfect for you to take deliciously good care of yourself every day. 

We each have 3 kids, ranging in from 5 to 16, so we completely get that life is full. So full that it feels selfish to put yourself first for a little bit each day. 

What happens though is that when you don’t practice self-love and care, your body and your spirit begin to whisper to you that they need your attention. When you say, “I know, I know but I don’t have time right now to take care of you, darlin’” then your body and spirit talk louder and louder until eventually they may just start screaming at you. What does that screaming look and sound like? Anxiety, depression, PMS, holding onto excess weight, low energy, crazy cravings and more. 

We’ve both been on the receiving end of this yelling because we’ve ignored the whispers from our own bodies and spirits. It took years and it’s an ongoing journey, but we’ve figured out that investing just a small amount of time and energy each day into simple self-care practices pays off in big ways in our lives. We feel better. We look better. We are better. Brighter versions of ourselves that is and guess what, everyone around us wins because we take care of ourselves the midst of our full, messy and beautiful lives. 

This is why we created The Nourish to Flourish Society, wrote an eBook with 7 Simple Ways to Nourish Yourself Every Day AND it’s why we’re inviting you to join us in this FUN 7 week Summer Lovin'’ Challenge!

Together we’re going to practice lovin’ ourselves every single day in simple ways. When you sign-up for our FREE eGuide, you’ll be in the challenge. Each week we’ll email you the week’s self-care focus with a short audio of us talking about it and giving you practical soulful guidance along the way. 

AND because we love, love, love giving gifts, we’re doing that all summer long during this challenge! Each week we’ll be giving away at least two gifts that are related to that week’s self-care focus AND at the end of the 7 weeks we’re giving away what we call  The Nourish to Flourish Ultimate Self-Care Bundle. You can see some of the beautiful gifts just below!

It might just be YOU that wins this ultimate self-care bundle which will include some amazing gifts, including two FREE 14-Day Fall Cleanse Packages - one for you and one for a friend. PLUS there are lots of other goodies included that you’ll use during the cleanse. 

How do you win? Well, you will win by just joining us because by the end of the 7 weeks you’ll have been doing some amazingly simple things that have the potential to be life changing for you. As for snagging some self-care swag, once you are on our list and have our FREE eBook, you are already entered. If you want to increase your chances of winning share your pics and experiences with us on Facebook and Instagram all week long and tag us with @nourishtoflourishsociety + #n2fsummerlovinchallenge. The more you share the more chances you have to win the self-care swag. Plus you'll also stay connected with the everyone else and keep yourself accountable! We'll announce this week's lucky lady each Monday in the weekly challenge email. Most importantly make sure you have our FREE eBook because it’s beautiful AND along with those 7 powerful self-care practices, it also has 7 recipes you’re going to love and that are going to love you right back! 

So join us for the 7-Week Summer Lovin’ Challenge today. We officially start on Monday, July 11th but you can jump in and join us anytime!