We can help lighten your load when it comes to supporting women in your practice.


The practitioners we’ve worked with over the years have told us that the coaching support we provide in our programs makes a world of difference in the results their clients and patients experience. Which is why we want to invite you to get to know us and the support we can provide you and the women you serve.

you’re invited.

WHAT: Lunch & Learn with Jill & Angelle, co-founders of The Nourish to Flourish Society

WHEN: April 18 from 12pm - 1:00pm

WHERE: Perspectives - Brighton Clinic

We’ve been supporting women for over 14 years and bring not only our professional expertise to our work, but also draw on our own personal journeys through anorexia, Lyme Disease, depression, hormonal havoc and more.

We’ll share with you how we consistently help women experience:

  • less anxiety

  • more patience

  • improved mood

  • fewer or no more cravings

  • better sleep

  • improved relationship with food, eating + body

  • weight loss with no counting points or calories

  • increased energy

  • less overall stress

  • and more joy!

We’ll bring you some favorite recipes for you to try, share how we work with women and answer any questions you have about how we can support you and your clients.

RSVP by registering below. We look forward to meeting you soon.

You can learn more about our signature 14-Day Reset along with testimonials from health professionals and clients HERE.

You can learn more about Angelle & Jill HERE.

Copy of Copy of Before I did the Reset, my life felt like it was snowballing downhill. From the food I ate, to the pace I was attempting to maintain, to my emotional ups and downs - it just was not sustainable. The R-2.png
The 14-Day Reset is a beautiful way to help women experience more health and happiness within an amazingly supportive community. I’m completely comfortable pointing women to this program because I know firsthand that Angelle and Jill will support them throughout the entire experience. These two are professional, compassionate, and they really know their stuff when it comes to nutrition, self-care, and how to incorporate both into your already full life. As a holistic MD, I love that it is a valuable resource for women that helps you learn so much about how to nourish yourself in body + spirit while achieving real health benefits quickly.
— Sue Mc Creadie, MD
As a therapist, I greatly appreciate that The Nourish to Flourish Society 14-Day Reset is truly holistic, addressing physical, emotional and mental, as well as nutritional aspects, of well-being. After myself and three family members recently completed the Reset we all felt better, slept better and had more energy at the end of a long week! We loved nourishing and cleansing our systems in a way that is both delicious and enjoyable. I am recommending the program to friends and clients and my family plans to do the next Reset because along with supporting our overall health, it’s also a fun experience to have together.
— Patricia Baer, LMSW | www.patriciabaer.com
I love that this program has something to offer for nearly every woman! I have referred healthy patients who are simply striving to live an even healthier, clean life as well as those that are currently struggling with their health and wellness. I’ve recommended this program for women with gastrointestinal concerns looking for guidance on an elimination diet as well as those with inflammatory processes and chronic health concerns such as hypertension and diabetes. I appreciate that the support and guidance provided is holistic, truly combining mind, body and soul. I know my patients will be encouraged to not only improve their diets but also learn the importance of daily physical activity/movement, sleep, stress management and general self care. The Nourish to Flourish Society 14-Day Reset really supports all women in a caring and supportive way!
— Laurie Birkholz, MD | www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com