Dear Overwhelmed Woman (is this you?!) 

Are you tired of feeling like there is never enough time in the day to do everything you need to do?

Frustrated by your calendar always bursting at the seams, never any time to catch up, let alone relax and recharge? 

Always putting your own self-care at the bottom of your to do list, if you even put it on the list at all? 

Using sugar, caffeine, wine, shopping or social media to escape and cope with your filled-to-the-brim life? 

Are you anxious, playing out future events in your head that have not (or likely will never) happen?

Feeling irritable, burned out and just plain
OVER IT? Overwhelmed, over tired, over scheduled, AND overdoing it?


Are you ready to overcome the overwhelm and finally discover a new relationship with time, your schedule, your to-do list and learn how to experience your life differently, get things done with more ease while taking care of yourself too?

You can do this. THIS RETREAT can help.

If you’re overwhelmed just by reading this page but you know this weekend retreat is what you want (AND NEED), save yourself some time, skip down to details + registration HERE. Now you’ve got 5 minutes to go enjoy a cuppa tea and relax!

But for those of you who’d like to read more:

Introducing ….

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The plans are in place: 

  • We’ve reserved Camp Blodgett, a beautiful space on the magical shoreline of Lake Michigan.

  • We have the Kombucha Happy Hour scheduled – oh yes we do!

  • We have the caterer and the menu lined up...Farmhouse Deli, anyone? YES PLEASE.

  • We created a weekend of experiential learning together + a pre-Retreat call and a post-retreat group coaching call…and so much more…but not “more” as in overwhelmed. This is different. Together, let’s take a collective breath, reassess your overwhelm and work together to shift your pattern of busy, over tired and stress.

Join us for this live and in-person dynamic powerful learning experience and leave with an entirely different perspective and mindset around your overwhelm and time. You’ll learn how to be the creator of your life experiences instead of a victim to your schedule and responsibilities.

She made a promise to herself.jpg

Because here’s what we know about time…

We pack it tight. Have you ever tried to pack a sleeping bag into its itty bitty carrying bag? 

What pack it that tight. We cram things into every inch of our days, weeks and months. 

And it’s not not just things we pack into our physical days (schedules, list of to-do’s, sports games, events etc.) 

Our mental framework is crammed too.  Our brains are working overtime with your list of to-do’s, decision making, worry, past thinking, future thinking, comparing, sizing up (or down), managing people in our minds, controlling, and the list.goes.on.

The problem? Your precious brain cannot take all the stimulus coming in like this. She gets overloaded and finally there comes a time when she doesn’t want to make one more decision. So she doesn’t. 

What happens?

It’s a catalyst to numb out, check out, overeat, withdrawal, push through and before you know it, your mind, body and spirit are barely getting by. 

So you might find yourself…

  • Irritable

  • Stressed

  • Crabby

  • Tired

  • Paralyzed

  • Unmotivated

  • Unorganized

  • Stuck

  • Fatigued

  • Blaming people and our schedules

  • Resentful

And you turn to food, social media, netflix, alcohol etc to numb out or escape.

And then the domino effect begins to happen…

  • Stay up way too late

  • Wake up groggy.

  • Fuel yourself with caffeine and sugar.

  • Skip meals. Graze throughout the day.

  • Mind feels sluggish and foggy.

  • You experience an inability to make decisions. 

  • It’s stressful to get dinner on the table let alone organize a weekly meal plan for the family.

  • Relationships suffer. 

Rinse and repeat.

And the thought of taking care of ourselves? Now it’s just one more thing on the list. And it gets pushed so far down, it doesn’t happen. 

Tea by Window Adobe.jpg

While we can give you strategies for grocery shopping and meal plans and creative ways to build in self care - and we do this in our Reset - this Retreat experience takes it several steps further.

This is about brain science and it’s about an inside journey.

Self care isn’t just about meals or exercise or a massage - at the roots, it’s about taking care of our spirits and our hearts. It’s about the mindful ways we talk about ourselves and to ourselves. It’s about the stories we tell ourselves. It’s about our mind’s ability to navigate all the stimulus coming at us day in and day out. It’s about protecting what’s most nourishing and meaningful in our lives. 

Overwhelm is an internal experience being created by the thoughts in your mind. “I’m too busy. I don’t have enough time. It’s all so much right now. I can’t do one more thing.”

This Retreat will address these and so much more. Step back and address the beliefs and thoughts you have about your time, schedule, self care, getting meals on the table, taking care of yourself amidst your full life and together, let’s create a new story for how you experience your life, day to day.

What I know for sure is that woman are really good at talking about their overwhelm and stress. This Retreat is for women that want to do something about it.


Here’s What You’ll Experience:

Pre-Retreat Clarity call + exercise

This call will help you get clear: define your values, your current overwhelmed state, your goals and dreams so that you can customize this Retreat experience. (Value $47)


An evening of inspiration, fun and ‘ahas’ with Jill

We’ll begin the evening with a Kombucha Happy Hour. Then hear stories of overwhelm and learn a powerful mindset shift for how it is absolutely possible for you to overcome overwhelm and step out of being in survival to your life and step into being a creator of your life and life experiences. (Value $75)                     


A day of dynamic experiential learning with Jill

Jill has designed a life-changing learning experience for you so that you have a Mindset Reset and learn strategic tools to overcome overwhelm. Your day will be filled with teaching, learning and doing, all within a supportive and guided community of women who are ready to overcome overwhelm right alongside you! (Value $1350)


A delicious nourishing lunch from The Farmhouse Deli

You’ll be nourished you with a beautiful (Reset-friendly) lunch that will delight your taste-buds and fuel your brain for an afternoon of transformational learning. Coffee + tea throughout the day and an afternoon sweet treat. (Value = $35) 

Ask anything Q & A Session 

We’ll spend time diving into your burning questions. Receive coaching and insight as you pull together what you’ve learned throughout our weekend together. (Value = $97)


A customized plan that you’ll take into your life 

Throughout the weekend, determine what’s causing you to feel overwhelmed in your life + create a strategic and doable plan to help you take everything you’ve learned out the door and into your own life. (Value = Priceless)

After-the-retreat private group coaching call 

You didn’t think you’d be left hanging on your own, did you? You are invited to join everyone for a post-retreat private group coaching call where Jill will help you problem solve any challenges that you are experiencing in implementing your Overcoming Overwhelm plan. (Value = $147)

Our Virtual 3-part Plan, Shop, Prep Masterclass

Because Jill knows that one of the things that often has you feeling overwhelmed is feeding yourself and your family, she’s created a simple, powerful masterclass that will help you streamline this part of your life and lessen one of the biggest contributors to overwhelm! (Value = $47)

Total Value: $1873

Your Investment: $347

Here are the details:



Friday, November 8 from 5:30 - 9:00pm

Saturday, November 9 from 9:00am - 5:30pm

WHERE: Camp Blodgett, on the shore of Lake Michigan :: 10451 Lakeshore Drive, just north of Holland.

  • INVESTMENT:  $347

  • But it really depends if you’re coming alone or if you’re bringing friends! We suggest the latter for lots of reasons including the special pricing off each registration.

  • Swank & Solo: $347

  • Dynamic Duo: $10 off (you + a friend)

  • Gorgeous Trio: $15 off (you + 2 friends)

  • Fab Four & more: $20 off (you + 3 - 8 friends)

  • Splendid Ten: $25 off (you + 9 of your friends)

*Space is limited*


We’d love to answer them. Email us at

*Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable.