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Calming your cravings has NOTHING to do with willpower, discipline, restricting, counting or failure.

Isn't that a relief to hear? 

As two life coaches and co-founders of The Nourish to Flourish Society, who have learned how to calm our own intense sugar cravings and who've coached thousands of women over the past 13 years, we're excited to share our 4-part audio series with you. We're busting the myths about cravings and giving you the information you need about each of these four causes. PLUS we're giving you practical solutions to help you start calming your cravings today! Click the pink links below to listen to each of the 4 parts of this series. 


Part 1: Nutritional Causes for your Cravings

 the #1 food to calm them quickly

In follow up to what we talk about in part 1, here are two invitations to calm those mid-morning & afternoon cravings:

  • Alternate these 3 breakfast recipes. We actually promised 2 recipes in the recording but we realized that we wanted to offer you two different smoothies PLUS a client-fave delicious non-smoothie recipe that you can prepare ahead of time, so it's super easy and fast to enjoy in the morning. Just click here: 3 breakfast recipes to calm your mid morning cravings.pdf
  • Choose any of these friendly fats to add into your lunch:
    • an avocado
    • 2+ Tbsp. avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil
    • a handful of raw nuts and/or seeds
    • 2+ Tbsp. raw nut or seed butter


Part 2: Bacterial Causes for your Cravings 

Love Your Gut


In the recording we talk about adding in probiotics and cultured foods daily and we promised we'd share some of our favorites:  

  • Farmhouse Culture has a wide variety of probiotic-rich foods and drinks.
  • Synergy Drinks make our favorite flavors of kombucha. 
  • Kevita also makes delicious cultured beverages that will fill your craving for 'fizz' in your drink!  


Part 3: Physical Causes for your Cravings


Part 4: Emotional Causes and Your Cravings

Hopefully by now, you've learned a lot about the roots of your cravings already and if you've taken us up on the solutions we've offered you, you are likely already noticing your cravings calming down a bit. Your body is brilliant which is why you can calm your cravings so quickly when you truly listen to those cravings and your body's messages as if they are your BFF, wanting the best for you.

Your cravings have nothing to do with willpower and you don't need to deprive yourself or feel like a failure ever again. We've helped hundreds of women calm their cravings with no willpower involved. Wouldn't you love to wake up in the morning and go through the day knowing that your cravings are your allies, not your enemy? They are there to guide you to understand what you're really hungry for. Simply listen to them and take inspired action to calm them. No control, restriction or will power necessary. 

Imagine how much mental and physical energy this would free up for you. That's what we want for you and we can help you learn how to calm your cravings this holiday season and beyond...


This is exactly why we created two programs that will address these 4 causes in great detail.

Our signature 14-day Resets (Winter, Spring, & Fall)

is a foundational program specifically designed to address your nutritional and bacterial causes for cravings while also tapping into the realization that cravings (and overall vibrant health) are not just about food but also about your emotional and physical health.  Learn more about our 14-day Reset program HERE and read stories from many of the women who had positive life-changing experiences in just 14 days.

28 Days to Calm Your Cravings Program.

Our Calm Your Cravings Program addresses the physical and emotional causes for cravings in great detail. Together we create time and attention to address the physical and emotional causes of your cravings giving your practical, soulful guidance. It's a program that combines science, strategy and soul with 5 one-hour video classes, 1 worksheet/week to give you focus & structure during your busy weeks + personal coaching and group support in our private Facebook community. Learn more about our CYC Program HERE