Do you find yourself...

  • Unable to start the day without that cup of coffee, diet soda or drive thru mocha latte?

  • Grazing mindlessly throughout the day only to realize you never sat down to eat an actual meal?

  • Eating off your child’s plate or while cooking, then you’re not even hungry for your actual meal?

  • Feeling out of control when you’re around candy, desserts and office treats?

  • Needing that alcohol or chocolate or diet soda to get through the afternoon?

  • Coming home from work, walking directly to the kitchen cupboard, ripping open the chips or making a stiff drink to take the edge off?

  • Addicted to Diet Coke? Like all day?

  • Saying “no” treats to your kids only to turn around and eat your craving in secret?

  • Looking forward to nap time in the afternoon to veg on the couch with your Skinny Pop or a box of cookies, or graham crackers, or chocolate, or whatever you can find, still left unsatisfied and experience a downward spiral of guilt and negative self-talk?

  • Walking downstairs after the kids are in bed and making a beeline for the kitchen for some ME time snacking?

  • Find yourself grazing out of control into the evening hours with nothing to satisfy you or feeling so outrageously stuffed your belly is screaming at you?

  • Feeling like you have no willpower when it comes to just having just “one”?


Whether you can relate to one or all of these statements, we can relate and we know thousands of other women can, too.

Cravings often feel frustrating and compulsive and out of control. Like you have no willpower and you and everyone you love is paying the price. Like so many women, you probably are desperately wanting it to be different for yourself but nothing seems to help and you have no idea how to get rid of these cravings and the control they have over you. You might even feel hopeless and ashamed.


As two recovering sugar addicts who’ve stood in front of the fridge eating ice cream after everyone's in bed and who’ve hidden our fair share of chocolate and who’ve also been known to wake up wondering if 9 a.m. is too early to indulge in the leftover cake from the party the night before, or drink 4 liters of diet soda, we understand cravings!

We know all too well how cravings can seem like such a vicious cycle of guilt, shame, deprivation and compulsion and total frustration that you just throw in the towel.

As Life Coaches for women who have expertise in nutrition, emotional eating and self care, we’ve worked with thousands of women over the last 14 years. Women who’ve shared with us the exact scenarios we mention above or their version of these. Women who’ve felt controlled for years by food cravings and have beat themselves up for not having enough willpower and control. 

How would it feel to NOT have your cravings controlling you any longer?

When you show up powerfully and apply the tools and strategies we teach you in these 28 days, you will never look at your cravings the same again. 


"I was in a time in my life where I was not calm. I wanted to dig deep to see what was behind the dis-ease in my life and the word calm really jumped out at me. The Calm Your Cravings course to me is like counseling with these two incredible women who are supportive and knowledgeable and wise in such interesting ways.  It’s personal and intimate coaching. I felt so supported. Jill & Angelle answer our specific questions. It’s in an excellent value that you have these two incredible people at your disposal for 5 weeks. It was life changing for me. I would have paid a lot more to have results like these!" ~ Lee

If you're ready to...

  • Understand what your cravings are actually trying to tell you. Spoiler alert: your cravings are not a will power issue or problems to "restrict" and “fix”

  • Identify the roots of your cravings

  • Discover more patience with your kids, your spouse, your co-workers and the hustle bustle of life's demands

  • Handle what life throws at you without needing a bottle of wine, a greasy pizza or a carton of ice cream to get through it

  • Switch from fat storage mode into fat burning mode without eating low-fat, low-cal or exercising yourself to exhaustion

  • Focus on adding in the most nourishing practices into your life instead of restricting the craving

  • Wake up rested with consistent energy throughout the day and into the evening

  • Feel calmer even in the most stressful situations with the most stressful people--especially during the holidays!

  • Discover what you’re really hungry for and how you can have more of that every day

  • Have more ease and pleasure in your everyday life even if the outside circumstances stay exactly as they are


This may seem like a shock to you, but as pesky as they may seem, your cravings want something really beautiful for you. They’re trying to communicate with you about what you are really hungry for and that’s where we come in. 

During these 28 days (plus a BONUS week! Woot! Woot!), we’re going to show you HOW to easily tune into and calm your cravings in such a way that you'll never look at them the same way again...and we share specific tools and strategies and worksheets that will last a lifetime. 


Just read what some of the women have told us after working either one-on-one or in a guided coaching program with us:

Before working with Jill & Angelle, I found cravings as a weakness... Now I see them as a call to attention and deeper than just a feeling of hunger, but of my heart. Gosh, Jill and Angelle are just so good at communicating the reality of cravings through the daily emails and the support calls - so grateful for their wisdom and the truth about cravings.  Perspective is everything and mine has definitely been transformed.
— Courtney O.
My cravings have almost disappeared!  I have thoughts about wanting to grab a taste for this or a taste for that, but I have been amazed that with less effort than anticipated I have been able to keep them as simply thoughts.  Jill and Angelle do such an amazing job of aiding us to discover for ourselves where our cravings come from that I have been able to make healthier decisions about what will ultimately satisfy me in far better ways!  I have felt great and have not been hungry.  And I have had more mental clarity and have been more productive in other areas of my life.
— Traci
The combination of an easy meal plan, complete with delicious recipes, along with emotional support and information around eating habits was powerful for me.  I met my two main goals of releasing the mental compulsion to graze my way through every evening, and to release some physical body weight.  I am feeling more energetic, calmer and better able to cope with daily stress at work.  Thank you both so, so much!
— Susan
The cravings conference call was a life-changer for me. Angelle and Jill are amazing women who have the “real” knowledge about what constitutes health. They are serious about their work, they know how to motivate you and they also teach you to forgive yourself when things do not go as planned. They have inspired me to take my health to the next level.
— Janet

Our 28 Days to Calm Your Cravings Program walks you step-by-step through why you're rummaging the pantry when you're not hungry, binging on brownies at 10pm, relying on coffee, sugar or diet soda, and how to effectively understand what all of this means for you. In other words: Why am I craving this and What to do about it. How do we support you? Through four one-hour LIVE video classes (+ one bonus video class) with guided worksheets, strategies and tools. We've systematically laid out what you need not only to calm your cravings, but bring more calm and pleasure into your life.


Here's a peak into what you'll be learning over these 28+ days

  • The single most powerful strategy to calm, if not completely eliminate, your mid morning and early afternoon cravings. Our clients have been using this strategy for years with huge success so we know you'll love it too.

  • Our 3-part mealtime action plan with proven results to calm, if not eliminate, your cravings within days, if not hours.

  • An easy and powerful skill to identify the roots of those very cravings & behaviors that have you raiding cupboards, freezers, pantry shelves and mindlessly coasting through drive thru's. It's so powerful it will stop you in your tracks before you mindlessly grab that next bag of chips or pint of ice cream.

  • Our Signature NtF Cravings Continuum worksheet, a tool designed to help you identify and meet your emotional needs without food. Say
    what?! Yep, you will actually satisfy that craving for your favorite cookies, popcorn and soda without actually reaching for them.

  • 5 key practices to help you relax into your stressors and learn how to easily and calmly flow with the unexpected twists and turns life bring your way.

  • Load up on the ever-deficient vitamin this and it will change your life.

  • Willpower is not sustainable or fun! Neither is a moderation mindset. We don't teach them here because cravings are not about will power darlin'! We're not into the push-pull, restrict-deprive, slipped up/ "I cheat" mindset here because it's exhausting, and in the end, doesn't solve the issue. Are you ready to begin a new conversation?

  • Cravings are your BFF. She desires something beautiful FOR you. Discover what that is.

  • A transformational exercise that will help you discover what you are REALLY hungry for in your life and how you can have more of that every single day.

  • Stop doing this alone and instead lean into a community for support and inspiration.



BONUS: Week 5: Chaotic to Calm

We simply could not offer this 28 day course without helping you navigate the upcoming holidays of special events, social gatherings and over-the-top full and busy seasons of life, so we're offering you a bonus week to pull all the strategies and tools together so that you can move from overwhelm, rush, stress, mindless eating and drinking, run-down-with-over-the-top-to-do lists and social events into more meaningful, connected, peaceful, gratitude-filled & nourishing time spent connecting with yourself and your loved ones.


That's not all, we have two beautiful bonuses for you.

  • 5 weeks of Fall/Winter Menu Plans created by Chef Jackie White at Prep Like A Chef. Yes, you read that correctly. 5 weeks! She's our fabulous recipe contributor for our 14-day Seasonal Resets (Value $53).


  • A BONUS interview with Carolyn Anderson-Fermann, founder of Simply Organized Life who will share with you practical tips on how to best organize your kitchen in ways that will inspire you beyond the kitchen!

This course is currently closed. For details when this program will re-open, fill in the pink box at the bottom of this page and while you wait, enjoy our eBook: 7 Ways to Nourish Your Life Everyday + 7 Recipes You’ll Love.

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