7 Tips for Breaking Up with Sugar

7 Tips for Breaking Up with Sugar

I loved sugar and it seemed to love me. I could eat as much of it as I wanted and I didn’t gain weight. It was a beautiful mutually satisfying relationship.

At least that’s what I thought. Until I realized I was just using sugar and sugar was, well, creating all kinds of havoc in my body.

Those Reese’s Cups and Oreo cookies and the bowls of Peanut Butter Cap’n’Crunch, not to mention the endless stream of Mountain Dew, were not treating me quite as well as I thought after all.

It wasn’t weight gain that led me to reevaluate my relationship with sugar, instead it was what I now call Hormonal Havoc that led to us eventually breaking up.

you're busy taking care of everyone else, who's taking care of you?

you're busy taking care of everyone else, who's taking care of you?

It was a Sunday night. Kids off to sleep. My husband and I finally had time together, just the two of us. We got cozy in bed...

...and proceeded to spread all kinds of papers across the covers. Then we opened up our laptops and pulled up the 3 baseball schedules, a track schedule, the list with end-of-the-year school events and our work schedules and we started mapping out the next 2.5 months of our life. (not exactly the hot date night you were thinking I was going to be writing about in this post is it??!!) 

We're not Google Calendar people. We're old-school pen and paper people. Hubby had snagged a calendar at the hardware store and that night we put pen to paper and quickly filled it up. Oh Nelly, did we fill it up.

After pretty much every little daily box was filled in, we looked at it and saw only 3 free weeknights and one open weekend for the next 2.5 months. 

A few years back, this would have sent me right into what Angelle and I call Fight + Flee mode. With stress hormones rushing through my body, wondering when and how to make it all work. Creating all the scenarios...and frankly lots of drama about how insanely busy life is. 


send them your light, not your worry

send them your light, not your worry

When I was just barely 29, right in the midst of chronic fatigue and not long before an intense episode of depression that landed me in the hospital for a week, I remember going to a doctor. She was a lovely woman and she was leading the way in integrative medicine, helping people get at the root cause of their illness.

At one point, I told her my husband and I wanted to start a family within the next year. I will always remember the expression on her face in that second. It embodied worry. That sad smile and look in her eyes about whether I could get pregnant and sustain a pregnancy and be healthy and happy felt like a big huge sack of sand had been dropped in my lap.

this one is for ALL the ladies!

Last fall, we had such a blast hosting a beautiful Soiree for 126 women with Lake Michigan as our stunning backdrop. (We've got a one minute video clip of the evening that we share below.)

The thing is...we didn't plan for 126 women. We actually hoped for 50-75 women, but within a week of opening registration we were nearing fire code capacity and needed to close registration quickly! How fun is that?!

How did it filled up so quickly? One word. Groups. Nearly every woman came in a group. And not only groups of 2 or 3. We're talking large groups of 10 or 20 and even 30 women strong.  

Whether it was the kombucha happy hour; the delicious dinner line up; the amazing giveaways; or the opportunity to meet us in person and to feel the positive energy of The Nourish to Flourish Society, one thing was clear: Connecting with other women is life-giving. Sharing our journeys is life-giving. Supporting and celebrating each other? Life-giving. We need each other.

Over the past several months, we looked at that experience and began asking the question: How can we support communities of women to show up powerfully together in their health and well-being goals that far exceeds a two-hour event? 

Because now more than ever, as women, we need to be nourished and taking care of ourselves in order to show up with health, energy, clarity and calm for ourselves, our families and our communities. Whether you want to lose some weight, have enough energy to get through your busy days, feel better in your body, lighter in your thinking, calmer in your spirit or all of these, the 14-day Reset is a foundational roadmap for all those things. 

So...we came up with an idea..

I had no interest in changing what I was doing.

Between my teen years and about age 30, I pretty much ate some versions of the same foods every day all year long: bread, pasta, cereal and anything with sugar in it. Usually washed down with Mountain Dew or Pepsi.

And, if I'm being completely honest, I had no interest in changing what I was doing. It was working for me, or so I thought.

I was thin and active...and isn't that what life's all about?! While my more experienced 'wise self' knows that life is about way more than my pant size, that younger self had no idea that what I was eating every day, all year long, was not working for me at all.

the day i went from 4 liters of diet soda a day to zero...and never looked back

I was 24 years old in this photo...


...and drinking 4 liters of diet soda.




I said that right. 


4 liters a day.


And the irony? 


I was working as the Corporate Wellness Education Coordinator for a company of 5000 employees and their families. 


My role? Educating and supporting employees towards a healthy lifestyle.


I had recovered so much from my eating disorder by that time but this was clearly another addiction I needed to address.


In my job I spent a lot of time reading research articles on various health issues. One day, I read a research study suggesting aspartame not only as

tidying up...the real *magic*

If you haven't yet heard of the life-changing magic of tidying up by the Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo, well then, I have to ask where have you been??? 

It's okay if you've not 'met' Marie through her best selling book or her new Netflix show or all the 'spark joy' talk going on in homes and around offices; you can just ask Google and you'll quickly find out who this soft-spoken pint-sized power house of a woman is very quickly.

Whether her systematic method of tidying resonates with you or not, it's definitely hit a nerve with people all over the globe. 

While there are likely lots of reasons for this...like the way she sits down and greets your home before she begins or that she thanks each item before giving it away or the way she brings in regular little cardboard boxes to help organize your drawers...I think I've got some insight to some of her *magic* and here it is: