Strawberry Basil Smoothie, Anyone?

This morning I was looking through our 14-Day Spring Reset Smoothie Guide to choose one for breakfast and I decided on the Strawberry Basil Smoothie because I hadn't had it in about a year. I just bought an organic basil plant for my kitchen last week so it was perfect timing. My husband Mike and my 18-year old daughter Natalie followed along with the first session of our 14-Day Spring Reset and have been enjoying the smoothies too so I made it for the three of us. It's got this fresh flavor to it that is kind of unexpected but not super overpowering. The key to this smoothie satisfying you all the way through lunch is to make sure to include the Friendly Fat in the recipe because it keeps your blood sugar and insulin more stable and shifts you into burning your own stored fat. The Friendly Fat is also great to for our brains, keeping us focused! This is one of the *tricks* in our Reset that women are always shocked to learn and then experience firsthand. Jill and I are never surprised but always delighted to hear women say things like, 'I can't believe I'm not hungry - it's been over 4 hours since I had my smoothie!'