We have an easy mindfulness exercise for you...

My son.

Bless him.

Early for everything. Even birth. He was born 7 weeks early.

On the subject of morning rhythms, he knows getting to school on time also depends on the readiness of his brothers. If they’re not ready. He’s going to be late.

So in the morning, he operates like a production manager meeting a very tight deadline.

When everything is going smoothly, the kid is an absolute peach. BUT when he’s feeling stressed about getting to school on time, he's full-out running and yelling all over the house like a drill sergeant.

Here’s the interesting thing: My son has never been late for school.

And 9 times out of 10, we don’t need to hurry out of the house. But when his stress level rises, he operates in a mad rush and this ramps up everyone's stress. We all start to feel like we’re gonna be late and we start rushing around too, even though the reality is we have plenty of time before we leave for school. 

How is any of this relevant to you?

We hear from women over and over again that time - specifically feeling like there's never enough of it - is one of their biggest stressors.

Unfortunately, like with my son, this becomes a bit of a 'chicken or egg' scenario: time stresses us out and then stress makes us feel like there's not enough time.

Our bodies are brilliant, always sending us messages.  One of those messengers is the incredibly valuable stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol though, if it's being over-produced due to chronic stress, ends up creating more stress. 

Cortisol is meant to protect us when there is a threat. That way if we were ever to encounter a mama bear running at us, our raised cortisol levels send a signal to the body to hurry up and get the heck out of there. We're going to run for our life. Or wet our pants. Or both. But either way, cortisol is coursing through our veins telling us to RUN.

The problem is that our body can’t discern between the 'running from a bear' kind of stress like getting into a car accident or seeing your toddler take a tumble down the stairs from the kind of stress that my son and so many of us experience when we feel like we're always going to be late or that we never have enough time to get everything on our list done.

Instead of the life-saving 5-10 minute cortisol rush designed to protect us, we end up swimming in life-zapping 'cortisol soup' all day long due to our chronic stress around feeling like we never have enough time. 

One of cortisol’s jobs is actually to skew time perception and trick you into feeling like there’s not enough of it. Even though you’re not running from a bear or in an accident or seeing your child get hurt, the cortisol sends you the message that “TIME IS RUNNING OUT! HURRY!!”. You find yourself chronically feeling rushed and running yourself ragged day in and day out which ends up taking quite a toll on your energy, your mood, your weight and your overall health and well-being.

While we certainly can work on time management, deleting and delegating some of those 'to dos' on our long lists, one of the most powerful things we can actually do is learn HOW to internally shift from stressed to calm when it comes to time.

 Considering that you've probably been operating from this stressed out state around time for quite a while, it's likely going to take a little bit of intention to shift this for yourself so that you can begin to feel more calm each day.  If you'd like to give it a try, here's where you can start..

We invite you to do this mindfulness exercise over the next week: When you notice you are stressing about time, say to yourself, "I feel stressed about my time, that's interesting." or "I'm feeling rushed, that's interesting." and take one full-deep breath and then return to what you were doing. That's it.


We call this NOTICE & NAME. If you've worked with us in the past you know how powerful this tool is. When you shine a light of awareness on a stressor  (Notice It) and then you call it what it is without judging it (Name It), you are giving yourself permission and space to ultimately do step 3: DECIDE to change a mindset pattern that is creating stress, which is life-changing.

Are you up for playing along with us and giving this a try? We would love for you to reply to this email and let us know. Remember, Notice & Name. Over the next few days, notice and name when you feel stressed about time, check in with how it feels in your body and take that one deep breath.

You've got this. 

xo JIll

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