Weight Loss

Dark Chocolate Butter Pecan Smoothie!

Yesterday Angelle found herself in a not so great situation. She wanted some dark chocolate but her week's supply of dark chocolate was gone. (Yes, we know it was only Monday, but some days a girl goes through dark chocolate more than other days!)

Luckily she had the ingredients for our Butter Pecan Dark Chocolate Smoothie from our 14-Day Reset so she was able to satisfy that craving. 

5 tips for how to eat on thanksgiving & not gain a pound

Are you thinking of skipping breakfast on Thanksgiving to save up your calories for all that turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie you know you're going to indulge in because you absolutely don't want to pass any of it up AND you also don't want to to gain even one pound?

What if we tell you that your plan will likely backfire? That if you don't eat all morning or only eat a piece of toast with your coffee you're going to not only eat more but you likely will put on a pound or two (or more) in just that one day.