so this happened last week...

So I went to my functional MD last week and got my blood test results from my yearly physical. It was 'the big blood test' as I call it because it's a lot of tubes of blood and I get a lot of information. Sometimes more than I might want - at first anyway.


The good news was that there were improvements, especially with my thyroid.


Along with the good was the not as good. Nothing too concerning; just not as optimal as I had hoped. Which led me down a path for a few minutes (or maybe a day or two) of 'why even try?!'

I had to learn this the hard way

Angelle here. 


When I was younger - my teens and twenties - I was pretty clueless about my body and what she needed and it took me learning the hard way that apparently it was not Mountain Dew, Ken's Pizza and Reese's Cups every day or staying up past midnight every night. ;)


As a result of not really understanding the connection between self-care and health and also not knowing what my unique body needed, I spent a lot of years dealing with all kinds of health issues and symptoms.


One of the most challenging issues I put up with month-after-month-after-month was