the single most powerful eating strategy

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I had an hour before picking up the kids from school with a work list three hours long. 


It would have been so easy for me to push through and hammer out the list while eating lunch at my desk. Or do a quick grab and graze in the kitchen. Or even skip lunch altogether. My default is to do those things. 


Why? Because I still listen to that voice that says my "to-do list" is more productive and more important than to take 5-10 minutes to sit and eat my lunch. Do you feel that way sometimes?


I feel this way more than I care to admit. 


But here's the thing: I also know I will not be as productive in my work if I don't take 5-10 minutes to sit and eat. I will lose energy and get irritable by 4pm. My cravings for sugar and junk dramatically increase when I skip lunch. I feel resentful and frustrated at the end of those days when I don't take breaks or downtime. And in all honesty, my list will *never* be done. I will always find one more thing to-do. 


So years ago, I started to practice something that has changed me for the better. It's a strategy I also teach my private clients who want to experience weight loss, have more energy and feel less overwhelmed and stressed in life. It's also a strategy we share in the Reset that has made all the difference for so many women.


Here it is...wait for it...wait for it...




Rocket science? Nope (but there is actual science to why this is so important).


Hard to do? I think I'd get a collective YES on this. 


When I default to standing over the kitchen counter eating (and the dining table is only 7 feet away); when I eat in the car to save time; when I skip a meal because I think I have better things to do; when I eat fast...all of this is a catalyst for stress chemistry which sends the signal to the body to do three things...


  • STOP burning fat

  • STOP building muscle 

  • Store MORE fat

...among many other depleting functions to the body which subsequently lead to sluggish metabolism, energy crashes, food cravings, mood swings, hormonal havoc, weight gain and so much more. Ew! Who wants this? And yet most of us experience these things to some degree or another.


So often we are running around in a stress response and guess what? Stress chemistry skews time perception. Stress says "Hurry up! Time is running out!" So when we are under a state of stress, we act like we don't have enough time. So we eat fast. Eat standing up. Tell ourselves there's no time to eat...


With so many of us living in a chronic state of stress, this could be a royal road for you. Sit Down and Eat Slowly. Yes. You do have time.


Do I do this perfectly. I will never do this perfectly. But it's important to me so I practice it. It gets easier and easier over time. And then there are some seasons (like the one right now) that are so full, and that stress response tries to tell me there is not enough time to sit and eat.  


So I pull out those parts of me that know how to do this. The parts of me that know that there is enough time and I'm all the better for it. I need those extra reminders and that extra support to sit down and slow down, especially at lunch time.

Here I am recently taking a 15 minute break for lunch in the sunshine. That sunshine felt so good and not only that, I was way more productive the rest of the day than I would have been had I not taken the time to sit and eat slowly and nourish myself.

Here I am recently taking a 15 minute break for lunch in the sunshine. That sunshine felt so good and not only that, I was way more productive the rest of the day than I would have been had I not taken the time to sit and eat slowly and nourish myself.

Here's what we know: HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT and WHEN you eat. 


Each day, you will have the decision to skip a meal or eat in rush OR you will have the decision to take even 5 minutes to sit down, eat slowly and savor your meal. I'm super curious what would happen if you took me up on this experiment to see for yourself which one works better for you. 


Here's the kicker. This isn't a one-and-done deal. This is a daily practice. Everyday, you get to decide this again and again to create enough margin to sit and eat slowly or stay busy (i.e. skip a meal, eat fast, eat standing up, eat in a rush). 


Begin by asking yourself:  Is this choice working for me? If not, what's the next most nourishing choice I could make?


You won't always make the most nourishing decision. That's okay. There's so much grace here. It's not about perfection. It's about showing up and trying again. Over and over.


I wonder what would happen if you were to sit down and eating slowly more often...what would shift for you? This could be your most powerful eating strategy, no matter what’s on your plate.


This is just one of many simple yet profound nourishing practices we will teach you in our upcoming 14-day Reset which begins Sunday. 



"This Reset gave me permission and guidance to focus on what matters. It taught me to prioritize nourishing myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that I can then offer that nourishing to others in my life. The meal plans were thorough, easy to follow, and very tasty! The daily emails and journal components were just what I needed to de-clutter and nourish my inner life. Overall, I feel much more grounded and joyful following this program." Stephanie A.


Imagine what's possible for your health, your weight, your energy levels, your mood, your stress just 14-days...when you come join us and get the support you need to establish (or re-establish) nourishing rhythms in your life, including this simple yet powerful strategy of sitting down and eating slowly.


We'd be so excited to support you in finding out. Come join us! 

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"This Reset ... total game changer for me. Jill and Angelle, you ladies are brilliant. Truly. Your understanding of our bodies, the science of foods and how they all work together is unbelievable! Your encouragement and support through the Facebook page, daily emails, videos, and live coaching calls have been extremely helpful, informative, and applicable. Not to mention the meal plan! Unbelievably delicious recipes and I love the idea that “there is no perfect here.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful practices, reminders and support. Oh, and did I mention I’ve lost over 10 pounds in the last 13 days!? Heather O.