We're a little giddy over here. Here's why...

We're just a little giddy over here. Why you ask? 

Well because we were included in this month's issue of our favorite no-hype health and fitness magazine, that's why!


Snag yourself this issue and check out Angelle's 2-page spread where she's asked to share her thoughts for an article called 'A Mindful Approach to Food Journaling'. Better yet, get yourself a subscription. We imagine you'll love this magazine as much as we do! 

The best part is the conversation being written about mindful eating + living.

In our running around, hustle-to-this, hustle-to-that, cross-it-off-the-list culture, we are more mindless than mindful when it comes to the foundational ways we care for our health and well-being, wouldn't you agree?


It's why we created the Reset, {{firstname}}. It truly is your foundational roadmap to mindful eating and living. There's something really special in our 14-Day Reset and we want you to be a part of it. 


This Reset is changing women's lives because we teach you the Strategy + Soul of Self-Care. It's a powerful combo. 

 Just listen to what one of our recent Resetters shared: 


Jill and Angelle create such a safe, nurturing community to support our individual wellness journeys and it's such a joy to be coached by them. I eagerly looked forward to my Daily Bites (and real bites!), coaching calls and Facebook updates. This Reset is all-encompassing and that's what I appreciate most - focusing not just on the food we put on our plate, but our thoughts, perspectives, outlook on life and self-love. It's all connected. And through their delicious recipes and real talk with our community, I know I wasn't the only one to walk away with a fresh sense of wellness - inside and out.


So beautiful, right? 

While we've supported thousands of women, there are millions we haven't even reached yet. And, even from the women who know about us and about the 14-Day Reset, there are so many that have not said joined us. (Maybe you???)

Our mission is to help so many more women learn to practice soulful self-care for mind, body & spirit. And the 14-Day Reset is truly the best place to start because it combines the best of nutrition science and tradition with our 28+ combined years of experience working with women. We consistently get feedback from women who've Reset with us that they look and feel so much better inside and out. 

Here's what Jenny told us after going through the Reset her first time: 

"Before the Reset I was tired, lacking focus, and it seemed like everyday some kind of new ailment was occurring with my body. I felt very unbalanced. After the Reset, I feel whole, energized, and connected with myself. I loved the Reset emails, quotes, videos, and Facebook community. The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare! I am grateful I took a chance with this Reset and that Angelle and Jill made it so easy and doable!" - Jenny Morley


Plus she shared that she experienced: 

  • 6 lbs. weight loss

  • Increased energy

  • Improved Sleep

  • Less Swelling/Bloating

  • Less Pain

  • Improved mood

  • Fewer cravings

  • More joy

  • More focus

  • Improved relationship with food and eating

  • Improved relationship with your body

  • Less overall stressful feeling


All of that in 14-days!

While the results can seem *magical* sometimes, we were intentional and strategic when we created the Reset. The basic plan is modeled after a very successful 14-day program Angelle created about 6 years ago called Get REAL. Because that foundational food plan was so effective for thousands of people, Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe, co-founders of Ancient Nutrition, NYT Best Selling authors and top natural health experts, reached out to Angelle to collaborate. They ultimately adopted her 'Get REAL' program and collaborated with her to create two additional 14-day programs modeled after hers. The original 14-Day Get REAL plan that caught their eye because it was helping so many people.  The nutritional foundation of our 14-Day Reset is built on the very same principles adopted by these top health experts years ago. (more on that story in tomorrow's mailing!)

For now, please know that the doors for our final 14-Day Spring Reset of the year are closing this week (and we begin this weekend!) so register TODAY to join us. Experience for yourself just what's so special about this program and how it can change your life. 

xo Jill & Angelle

xo Jill & Angelle

We'll be waiting for you with a big virtual hug on the inside!