Do you know about the history of the Reset?

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With so many diets and cleanses and health programs in the world today, we often hear clients ask...

Which one is the best? Which one will work for me? What makes one better than another? 

It's enough to make you want to not invest in any of them and just keep doing what you're doing, even though what you're doing might not be giving you the strategy, support or accountability to achieve your goals.

It's why we want to share the fun back story of the 14-Day Reset, so you know why thousands of women like you have joined us and why so many keep coming back to Reset with us each season. 

So, here's the scoop...

In case you don't recognize those two guys above, they are Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe, creators of the wildly popular Ancient Nutrition products you see all over the web and in stores these days. They are also NYT Best-Selling authors. Jordan was the founder of Garden of Life, one of the most successful supplement lines around. Dr. Axe is the founder of, one of the most popular online health resources today, with over 17 million monthly visits to his website. You may have seen him on Dr. Oz a few times too! They are undoubtedly two of the top natural health experts in the world.

Well, back in 2013, Angelle created a different 14-Day program called The Get REAL Cleanse. She incorporated products from Jordan's relatively new company, Beyond Organic. Dr. Axe was one of the leaders in the company, promoting the products online and through live talks.

Angelle's 14-Day Get REAL Cleanse ended up being very successful - like 2,000+ people in a year successful. It caught the eye of Jordan and Josh. They wondered how come so many of the Beyond Organic products were being shipped to Michigan.

One thing led to another - like Dr. Axe coming out for a visit to do some local talks for Angelle's clients (and sleeping in Angelle's boys' bedroom for a few nights!) as well as Angelle going to Nashville to tape some videos with these guys. Angelle's colleague even called her one day to say that in the training she was taking with Dr. Axe, he mentioned how his friend Angelle 'up in Michigan' creates amazing coaching programs.

You see, that 14-Day Get REAL Cleanse, was getting such great results for people that Beyond Organic approached Angelle about adopting the program and using it as a model for two more 14-Day programs. Jordan became the face of Get WELL and Josh became the face of Get Fit, both of which Angelle helped create. The picture above was from a promotional video shoot for the programs. 

Angelle continued to run Get REAL until Jordan sold Beyond Organic to another company which wasn't a good match for Angelle and that was the end of an amazing 14-day (Get REAL) program. 

Or was it? 

You know the saying, 'one door closes and another door opens,' yes? 

Well, sometimes we have to actively turn the handle and open that next door and that's what Angelle did. She called Jill - a colleague for nearly a decade and guest teacher on the topic of emotional eating in her Get REAL program - and asked her if she wanted to bring together their collective knowledge + experience and start working together.

Jill said yes and The Nourish to Flourish Society was born. Wahoo!

When we sat down for the first time to figure out how we wanted to support women, we decided to create a foundational program that every woman asked us for. A foundational program that would address the needs and desires of our clients:

  • "Tell us what to eat to lose weight and feel great and be healthy." 

  • "Make it simple." 

  • "Make it delicious."

  • "Make the food something our entire family will eat and love."

  • "I want a lifestyle, not a diet." 

  • "I want a pathway to freedom with food and my body."

  • "I want to feel more calm in my life, less irritable, more present. Happier."


Our goal was to take the overwhelm out of discovering every woman's healthiest version of herself - body, mind and spirit - and give you a step-by-step plan with support, community and accountability throughout the entire experience.

It was a bit of a no-brainer to 're-vision' Angelle's very successful Get REAL program alongside Jill's expertise in Eating Psychology and create something even more special. In fact, we're pretty sure this was how "the plan" was supposed to go all along.

So here we are, running our signature 14-day Reset having supported nearly 2000 women through this program. Will you be next?


Our second and FINAL Reset of the spring begins this weekend. We're not in the business of convincing you to join us. Our approach is one of service. If you'd like support in jumpstarting your weight loss in a life-giving way; discovering more energy, less bloat and digestive discomfort; having clearer skin, less irritability, more calm, less brain fog and more clarity; we know there's something beautiful here in this Reset for you, something life changing, and we invite you to discover it for yourself. We'd be so happy to support you to get the results you're looking for and the results so many women share in our Reset.

"I have always loved learning about health but have struggled to put my knowledge into action. As a busy mom of three very young kids, having a full time job and a few hobbies, I never took time to cook or sit down to eat. Through the Reset, I had Jill and Angelle right there helping me make the changes my body was desperate for and helping me develop skills (more than just cooking!) to be more successful in nourishing my body well beyond these 14 days. This program was just what I needed to get me jump started on feeding my family quality foods and finding rhythms that build me up not only as a mother and wife, but as a woman.  I was a bit skeptical going in, afraid that this was just going to be another health gimmick that I’d regret paying for down the line, but I’m thrilled to say it was really a fantastic experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m so grateful I gave it a chance! Amanda Schwerdtfeger


We are here to guide you every step of the way. Can you imagine what's possible for you in just 14-days? We can. And we hope you'll join us.

We'll be waiting for you with a big virtual hug on the inside! 


"Before the Reset I ate whatever, whenever without paying attention to the things my body was trying to tell me. My weight was creeping up, my energy was low, and my migraines were increasing. This experience helped me learn the natural rhythms that my body needed and the foods that I should be supplying it - all along teaching me the "why" behind what I was doing. It made a huge impact on how I view food and what I need to do to nourish my body and mind. It also allowed me to take time for myself and really focus on the emotional and mental needs that I had neglected for awhile. I'm not much for journaling, but the time and effort I put into following the prompts for each day help provide me with insights into where I was and where I wanted to be. Overall, I lost 7.5 pounds, have renewed energy, less stress, and the tension in my head and neck have lessened. I'm so thankful that I took the plunge and did this Reset... it's the beginning of a whole new relationship between me and my body. She's phenomenal, and I want to treat her that way." Kerri L.

P.S. We accept Health Savings Account Credit Cards!