the magic sentence...

This weekend, Brené Brown's newly released talk on Netflix came out titled: The Call to Courage. So good. I highly recommend it. 


Of the many thoughtful and inspiring things, she shares something really powerful ...


"The story I'm telling myself is..." 


Brené calls it The Magic Sentence.


When something hard happens, our brain wants a story. It says "Give me a story so I know how to protect you." So we come up with all sorts of stories about who we are; who we are not; what we are capable of; what we are worthy of. And so many others. 


In my early 20's, I spent a lot of time telling a story that I was not enough. I compared myself to other women constantly. Finding ways that I either didn't measure up OR ways to reassure myself I was okay. And here I am 20 years later, still discovering not-so-accurate stories about myself as a woman, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, business partner, coach, writer...just to name a few.


The inner critic is not kind, gracious or loving. The stories are often harsh, negative and victimizing. 


This is where the Reset comes in and why it's so powerful for so many. 


So many women come into the Reset thinking this is just a food plan. It's just about the meals. It's all about losing weight and feeling better in your body. But we simply can't stop there. It's about so much more...because if that's all it is, you'll wind up back to some version of where you started.


Having gone through an eating disorder, I know firsthand that you cannot separate food and body from mind and spirit. You simply cannot focus on one without the other. Everything is connected to everything else. It's why Angelle and I designed this Reset to support your emotional body just as much as your physical body.


Both in the Reset and in our program - Calm Mind, Calm Life - we invite you to notice the stories you tell yourself and ultimately re-write the ones that are not aligned with how you want to feel.  The stories about your body and your weight and your relationship with food. The story you tell yourself about whether you are worthy of investing money and time and energy into your own health and wellness.


"This program helped me tune into my mind, body and emotional state in a way I had never done before.  The support, insights and mindfulness component helped me find the answers within myself and use everything I've already learned to develop my own approach to my health.  I lost weight, broke some unhealthy habits and found a compassion and love for my body that I've never had before! Truly a transformative experience." Jenn McKay


Because the mind? She's powerful. She can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally. And in this Reset, we want you to begin to discover your greatest ally. 


"This isn't a diet - it's a mindset and lifestyle and I'm very grateful to take these tools along with me!" Michelle T.


So we invite you to continue the journey with us. The 14-day Spring Reset begins this weekend. Registration for session one closes on Wednesday.  We invite you to Reset not only to lighten up with food and body, but to do a little spring cleaning of the mind as well. p.s. We accept Health Savings Account credit cards.

  "This Reset is the best thing I've ever done for myself. Jill & Angelle, I can't thank you enough for putting this most amazing, supportive, cleansing, fun, joy-filled, mind + body changing plan together! I'm not joking when I say I'm moved to tears. The revelations I've discovered about not just my eating habits but the emotions involved and the effects on my spirit and how they all tie in equally together leaves me blown away. So much so that I am going to do this Reset again. I want it to go even deeper. I know this is the very plan my body has been yearning for for so many years. I want this way of thinking to permeate and soak into every cell of my being because I know it is REAL. There is TRUTH to this plan. After reading everyone else's testimonies (which are inspiring, funny, meaningful, and real life stuff) I know you ladies get it too! WOW!!" Dionne