this one is for ALL the ladies!


Last fall, we had such a blast hosting a beautiful Soiree for 126 women with Lake Michigan as our stunning backdrop. (We've got a one minute video clip of the evening that we share below.)

The thing is...we didn't plan for 126 women. We actually hoped for 50-75 women, but within a week of opening registration we were nearing fire code capacity and needed to close registration quickly! How fun is that?!

How did it filled up so quickly? One word. Groups. Nearly every woman came in a group. And not only groups of 2 or 3. We're talking large groups of 10 or 20 and even 30 women strong.  

Whether it was the kombucha happy hour; the delicious dinner line up; the amazing giveaways; or the opportunity to meet us in person and to feel the positive energy of The Nourish to Flourish Society, one thing was clear: Connecting with other women is life-giving. Sharing our journeys is life-giving. Supporting and celebrating each other? Life-giving. We need each other.


Over the past several months, we looked at that experience and began asking the question: How can we support communities of women to show up powerfully together in their health and well-being goals that far exceeds a two-hour event? 

Because now more than ever, as women, we need to be nourished and taking care of ourselves in order to show up with health, energy, clarity and calm for ourselves, our families and our communities. Whether you want to lose some weight, have enough energy to get through your busy days, feel better in your body, lighter in your thinking, calmer in your spirit or all of these, the 14-day Reset is a foundational roadmap for all those things. 

So...we came up with an idea for our Reset: Group Rates


If there’s one resounding message we hear from our Reset ladies, it's that this 14-day Reset program is profoundly supportive and soul-nourishing. One of the reasons? Sisterhood. We do it in community. You have an amazing groupwomen supporting you from all over the globe. 

Equally we've heard from you, the power in doing this with your people. The women that "do life" with you. Your sisters, mom, friends. Your book club ladies, playground moms, co-workers. Your fellow lady bosses crushing it in business but craving a circle of support around food and self-care. We've learned about stories of text chains, meal drop offs, and meal prep sessions from women who've Reset with women in their personal lives. It's powerful. It's beautiful. It's necessary. 

Because here's the thing: Strategy paired with support (aka accountability) is GOLD.  


In the Reset we give you both, but we know there's nothing like your personal tribe. So we're introducing our newest addition to the Reset - Group Rates. We want to inspire you to round up your gal pals, do it together AND receive our group rate discount to sweeten the deal.

  • Receive $10 off each registration when you register with 10 women.

  • Receive $20 off each registration when you register with 20 women.

  • Receive $30 off each registration when you register with 30 women.

  • Receive our corporate discounts - save $50 off each registration when you register with 100+ women.

All the Reset details are found HERE.  If you'd like to register your tribe with our group rate, simply reply to this email and we'll take care of you.

What better way to Lighten Up in body, mind and spirit this spring than in this Reset with the women that do life with you. That take care of your children. That work with you. That support you emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Enjoy this fun 1-minute video of our Soiree and be inspired to reach out to your gal pals and enjoy the adventure of this Reset together.

p.s. Are you a woman who doesn't have a solid support structure in your life right now to rally a group of women? No worries, {{firstname}}, you've got all the support you need with us. We're here for you and our Reset community has your back. Register HERE. We've got this together.

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