I had no interest in changing what I was doing.

Between my teen years and about age 30, I pretty much ate some versions of the same foods every day all year long: bread, pasta, cereal and anything with sugar in it. Usually washed down with Mountain Dew or Pepsi.

And, if I'm being completely honest, I had no interest in changing what I was doing. It was working for me, or so I thought.

I was thin and active...and isn't that what life's all about?! While my more experienced 'wise self' knows that life is about way more than my pant size, that younger self had no idea that what I was eating every day, all year long, was not working for me at all.

Instead, all that bread, pasta, cereal and sugar was fueling my crazy PMS that would keep me on the sidelines of my own life for a week every month. And those chronic stomachaches and sinus issues and fatigue - along with the periods of depression over the years - and it all ultimately came to a head with a serious crash right after my 30th birthday. 

I actually see that crash now as a 'breaking open' filled with emotional, physical and spiritual growth. So much - and often humbling - growth. 

On the most practical level, I learned that what I was eating was not actually working for me. My relationship with food and eating was actually way more dysfunctional than I even understood at the time, but thankfully I did understand that I needed to at least entertain the thought of breaking my addiction to refined flour and sugar. 

My understanding happened in spurts. Like when someone told me all the Mountain Dew I was drinking might be giving me the chronic stomachaches. Ha! I'll give it up for a week and prove you wrong. Except she was right. Mountain Dew gone = stomachaches gone. 

Flash forward 20+ years later, I've developed a deep knowing that what I put in my body matters. A lot. Food is information. It tells my body whether to have hormonal harmony or hormonal havoc; to shift into fat storage or fat burning; to feel calm or be chaotic.

I've also learned that when I pay attention to my body and the feedback she gives me (through 'symptoms'), I don't really need an outside expert to tell me what to eat or how much of it. I've become my own expert on my own body, learning what works and what doesn't and when to turn to a few trusted experts to help me fine-tune my diet. 

What's been super fascinating to me in the last few years is how tied my body is to the seasons. When I tune into the feedback she gives me, I know when to lighten up my diet. And it's always during spring and summer. The heavier stews and warmer soups and starchier carbs that I crave in the winter become less appealing as days get longer and temps get warmer. 

It took a while to be able to learn these 3 life-changing lessons about food:

1. Food gives my body information immediately. I had to learn to bump up the quality of what I was eating no matter what season it was so that I was giving my body better information; information that would smooth out my hormonal roller coaster so I could have more of the 'happy hormones' more often. I call this Bump It Up - when we bump up the quality of whatever food we are eating our bodies get better information more often.

2. Macro-nutrient balance is important. I  had to learn how to balance out what I was eating. I was either eating no fat or the wrong kind of fat and not nearly enough good quality animal protein for my body to build and repair and to support my immune system. I call this Balance It Out and it includes learning how much Powerful Protein, Friendly Fat and Colorful Carbs work best for us as unique women.

3. Seasonal eating is nature's genius way of keeping us healthy. I had to learn to change up my diet little-by-little as seasons shifted.The bacteria in our guts - those bugs that keep us happy and healthy - are supposed to shift seasonally, but it happens most effectively if we are eating seasonally.

Spring is all about lightening up. It's a time for lightly steamed and raw veggies and greens, for a bit less animal protein and fat and for giving our bodies a deep-cleanse emotionally and physically. 

This is why we have 3 different 14-Day Resets...the menu plans change as the seasons change. And, the spring menu plan is deliciously seasonal and ready to help you transition into a lighter way of eating while still being satisfied.

So, we invite you to consider how your body may be calling you to lighten up your diet, let go of not only heavier foods but also of eating the same foods day-in and day-out. We also invite you to join us in our 14-Day Spring Reset because we've done all the heavy-lifting for you. You just follow the plan, without having to do the research about what spring foods to eat and how often. 


There are a few side-effects of choosing to lighten up your diet at this time of the year and they can include but are not limited to: a lighter body, a lighter mind and a lighter spirit. (aka jump starting your weight loss, feeling calmer with less anxiety, no more cravings, way more energy, better sleep, clearer skin and more - just check out the testimonials from women HERE.)

As a bonus for reading this email, here's a recipe for our Strawberry Basil Smoothie that's sure to light you up as well as lighten you up! 

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P.S. and also, can I just say that we are loving the feedback from women about our 'Lighten Up' series that we're in the midst of?! 

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