tidying up...the real *magic*

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If you haven't yet heard of the life-changing magic of tidying up by the Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo, well then, I have to ask where have you been??? 

It's okay if you've not 'met' Marie through her best selling book or her new Netflix show or all the 'spark joy' talk going on in homes and around offices; you can just ask Google and you'll quickly find out who this soft-spoken pint-sized power house of a woman is very quickly.

Whether her systematic method of tidying resonates with you or not, it's definitely hit a nerve with people all over the globe. 

While there are likely lots of reasons for this...like the way she sits down and greets your home before she begins or that she thanks each item before giving it away or the way she brings in regular little cardboard boxes to help organize your drawers...I think I've got some insight to some of her *magic* and here it is:

Tidying up helps you lighten up.


Women everywhere have been telling us that life feels especially heavy right now and that they feel weighed down by so many things, like...

  • over-packed schedules

  • never-ending to-do lists

  • challenging relationships

  • stuck weight

  • worry, followed by more worry

  • stress, anxiety and depression

  • day-to-day parenting

  • unfulfilling marriages

  • loneliness + grief 

  • unsatisfying work

  • messes everywhere

  • money worries

  • and more...

(queue the Debbie Downer music, right?!)

Which brings me back to why Marie Kondo and all her tidying up has got so many of us asking whether our socks and underwear spark joy or not.

Whenever we feel hopeful, we feel lighter. 

Marie Kondo gives us hope that we can lead more organized and tidy lives.  When we go through the process of tidying up, we actually lighten up more than just the stuff in our homes.

When you take steps to lighten up your space where you live and work, even small steps, you often release old stuff that's been weighing you down in your body, mind and spirit too.

It happened for me a few Saturdays ago. Our garage was a mess. (that's kind of an understatement actually)

Sometime last fall we started piling stuff up in there with the intention of getting it out of the house and ultimately taking what could be donated to the Salvation Army and pitching the rest. 

Then months went by. Long, dreary, cold months. 

Neither my husband nor I initiated cleaning up the growing pile of stuff that now included all kinds of junk. And not only did my two 17-year old boys not initiate cleaning it up (surprise, surprise, right?), I'm not even sure that they noticed we were growing a small mountain in our garage. 

Anyway, last Saturday, even though it was dreary weather - which almost gave us an 'out' - we decided to tidy it up. 

You know the roller-coaster of feelings - how you start out kind of excited that you're finally taking action, but then part-way through you feel pretty discouraged because after hours of work, there's still so much more to do?! 

But then, there's the feeling of accomplishment, when you actually finish the job. I'm telling you, the dopamine hit we got from that lasted for days! My hubs was so proud that he posted about it on Facebook. 

We felt hopeful afterwards. And, consequently lighter in our spirits.  

There's more that needs lightened up though in my house, my yard...my body, my mind, my life.

Which is why when Jill and I started talking about a series of posts on 'spring cleaning your body, mind and spirit' - clever, right? :)  - we decided all of this heaviness that women are feeling, is bigger than spring cleaning. 

Learning how to lighten up and release the heaviness of all the things that weigh us down...now that is an art, yes?

And so, with this email, our series of emails called Lighten Upbegins. Our intention is to share our own stories about how we lighten up our own bodies, minds and spirits as well as inspiring you to do the same if you're feeling called to release some of the heaviness you are feeling. 

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So, we have one question for you...

What feels most heavy for you right now in your life and needs to 'lighten up'

Please share! Comment below or on our FB page and let us know. Your response will be much appreciated and it will help us shape this series so that we are writing about what would be most helpful and interesting to you. Plus, we'd love to hear if you're into Marie Kondo or not. :) 

xo Angelle

P.S. Want a sure way to lighten up in body, mind and spirit this spring? Join us for our 14-Day Reset.

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