Weight + Stress


Keto. Paleo. Vegan. Pegan.

Counting points. Fat grams. Calories. Steps.

Skipping meals.

Meal replacement bars and shakes.

Clean eating.

Sometimes you experience initial success in losing the weight on these diets. But then you plateau or fall off the wagon or the weight comes back.

Over our combined 30 years of working with women, here’s something we know to be true, {{firstname}}, when it comes to weight loss and finding the right “diet” for you...

What’s actually on your plate (or not on your plate) is often not the biggest determining factor when it comes to reaching and maintaining your healthiest weight.

Even when you eat the way you are ‘supposed to’ and exercise every day, you can gain weight, or at least not lose any.

Sometimes it absolutely does have to do with what’s on or off of your plate and we see that over and over in our 14-Day Reset. There are so many women who just follow the Reset menu plan and the weight seems to release almost effortlessly...especially compared to their previous diet struggles. Food is integral for sure.

But WHO you are and HOW you are as an eater are just as important to your weight loss goals, if not more.

Meet Jill. A new client of ours. She had tried keto, eating extremely healthy for 7 months with ZERO weight loss and she was “beyond stressed and frustrated." 

When Angelle spoke to Jill for a few minutes on the phone to help her decide if the Reset was right for her, it was clear to Angelle that like for so many women, Jill's weight loss struggles weren't all about the food.

It didn't take long to learn that Jill is awesome at following diets and exercise plans and she is really knowledgeable. She is a smart and savvy gal for sure, but feeling stuck when it came to her weight. 

Angelle shared with Jill that maybe it was not the the carbs or the diet plan that were impeding her weight loss, but instead about something seemingly unrelated, which led to a question...

Can you relax into this process and allow your head and your heart to work together in order to move out of stress mode and begin to experience pleasure and freedom with food?

After a bit more talking, by the end of the call, Jill said she was going to do her best to allow herself to follow the Reset and trust the process so that she could move from stress around eating and weight to a more calm and centered space. And guess what happened?...

Jill ended up losing over 8 pounds for the first time in 3 years after trying to lose weight on many other plans.

The difference? We don’t know exactly but… here’s what Jill told us she knows to be true…

My whole life food has been the enemy.  Don’t eat this, don’t eat too much of that, watch what you eat, count the points that you eat, measure, weigh, and restrict.  I always struggled with my weight, I honestly don’t remember a time where I didn’t worry or think about it.  And for the million and one reasons we all struggle, I continued to lose, feel good about winning that battle and then slowly but surely, another life event occurred and I would gain the weight back yet again.  I have tried everything from the tuna diet, Weight Watchers, keto, paleo, Nutrisystem, nutritionists, diet doctors and every app you can imagine.  I became obsessed with logging, counting and recording.  Because if I was following the plan, I must lose weight.  Here’s the thing.  None of these ‘diets’ gave me the tools we all need to actually understand how to have a positive, life long relationship with food.  How food is intended to nourish our bodies and how when we have a craving or are in the middle of a dessert crisis, how to handle our self talk.  Even if it means indulging.  Angelle and Jill have figured out how to give women these tools and walk you through the process and beyond teaching us that food is not the enemy but rather our friend.  I had been diet stressing and eating what I would consider ‘healthy’ my whole life but especially these past three years, losing NOT ONE POUND.  In the 14 days of this Reset, I managed to lose 8.4 pounds without stress or obsessing!  Thank you Angelle and Jill for showing up and having the courage and awareness to put this program together!  Hoping it helps so many more women on their journey....

While we designed the menu plan in our Reset to specifically support weight loss, it's hard to imagine that's the only reason why Jill would have lost 8.4 pounds when she hadn't lost even one pound in the past three years following other diet plans, some of which have a fair amount in common with our plan. 

BUT, here's what we know to be true from working with women and the *magic* behind why Jill was able to lose weight: 

When you are living in a place of stress day-in-and-day-out your hormones can keep you holding onto the weight you are trying so desperately to lose.

You see, stress is defined as:

Any real or imagined threat and your body’s response to that threat.

Stress actually sends signals to your body to do these three things:

  1. Stop burning fat.

  2. Stop building muscle.

  3. Store more fat.

Yikes, girl! Who wants that? We’re assuming that’s the exact opposite of what you want.

When it comes to stress around weight, it can look and sound like:

...if I eat that, it’s going straight to my ____________.

...now I’ve got to exercise twice as long to make-up for eating __________.

...if I skip this food/meal, then I can have  __________.

...if the number on the scale isn’t ________ , I feel _________.

...if I eat that, I’ll gain 5 pounds.

...if I restrict that, maybe I’ll be able to lose 5 pounds.

...I have no willpower!

...I feel so guilty after eating that food.

...I’m fat.

...I hate my body.

...and you find yourself obsessing (aka stressing) about counting points, calories and steps and playing food games...all day long, every day.

Sound familiar? 

Unfortunately, all the focus and control around food and eating and exercising is causing hormonal havoc and in turn leading to more stress that - you guessed it -  keeps you in fat-storage mode.


BUT...there is hope and we can help you. The key is to learn how to shift from stressed to calm around food and in other areas of your life so that you can switch from what we call:


Why is this key for you to reach and maintain your healthiest weight? 

Because any weight loss strategy driven by stress (FIGHT + FLEE) is going to keep you in fat-storage mode instead of allowing you to shift into fat-burning mode. True, lasting weight loss (and healing your relationship with food and body) happens in a relaxation response (FEEL + FLOW). It’s where the *MAGIC* happens…with way more ease and enjoyment (Yes please!).

In a recent blog post, we invited you to one simple practice: When you feel a stressor in your body, simply Notice and Name it and take one deep relaxing breath.

 Can you imagine how that would feel in your body if you, like Jill, started to relax into this process and allow your head and your heart to work together in order to move out of stress mode and begin to experience pleasure and freedom with food and your body?

Here's our invitation for you over the next several days:  When you eat anything at all, sit down. Take 3 full deep breaths. Notice the colors and texture and smell and taste of your food. And here's the key...eat more slowly than you normally do.  

Sounds easy, (and possibly trivial) doesn't it?

But in our work with our clients, this is the missing key ingredient to weight loss and most women do not do it.

When you eat. Sit down, take 3 deep breaths, be present and practice moving from a fast-paced eater to a medium-paced eater...to a slow-paced eater

 It is the beginning of moving you from FIGHT + FLEE  to  FEEL + FLOW and to working with your body instead of against her for weight loss.

xo Jill + Angelle

xo Jill + Angelle

Next time you eat, give it a try. If you find yourself in a rush, scarfing down food standing over the kitchen counter or walking past the pantry door for a swipe of chocolate chips, inhaling them out of your hand or driving in your car, eating mindlessly, do this instead...it could be your royal road to weight loss. 

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