Money + Stress


Last September, we were gearing up for our first ever live Soiree. 

A sold out event. 150+ women. 

Lots and lots of details. 

We had also welcomed in over a hundred new women into our Fall Reset.

Things were rolling. Lots of beautiful buzz on the visible end of our business.

Meanwhile, on the back end of our business, we were experiencing growing pain. Growing enough that we needed a bigger team. But not growing enough that we could pay for a bigger team. 

Running a small business is no small feat. There is a LOT that goes into it that most people cannot see. If you run a small business, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re the spouse of someone running a small business, you know it too. 

As a start up, there is sacrifice and hustle to get and keep things moving. But 2.5 years in, we knew we needed support in our business to both grow and to avoid burnout from trying to do it all on our own. 

Earlier in the year, we were introduced to a mentor that captured our attention. She believes in both the strategy and soul of a business. Something that deeply aligns with both of us. We knew we wanted her to be our mentor.

Enter the cost. 

Whoa, Nelly. 

It was more money that we both had upfront and it was certainly a stretch, if not a splatter, to consider this. 

But here’s the thing. We both knew in our hearts, we needed this. 


Without it, without the coaching expertise of this mentor and the community for accountability and support, where would our business be in 6 months? 12 months?

Our minds and our spirit were giving us the green light to say yes even though our current financial circumstances gave us a noteworthy red flag. 

Why? Because we don’t like to spend money we don’t have. It’s too damn stressful. 

We thought about it. We talked about it. We stressed over it. Rinse. Repeat. 

At some point along the way, we had an aha moment:

This is not us spending money, it’s us investing in ourselves and in our business.

This shifted us from stressed to calm about our decision. 

It was different than spending money on an amazing new wardrobe for each of us. (although, hello, we’d be down for that too!).

This was us investing in us and in our future (and the health of our families and our well-being), knowing that we will have a return on the investment. 


Yes, we’d be stretching ourselves and that felt uncomfortable but we knew that we would be getting way more out of the investment than if we were just spending money. 

Is there still a bit of tightness in our stomachs when our monthly payment is due? Yes. But every month, it’s an opportunity to re-frame how we think and feel about money. It’s also an opportunity for us to appreciate ourselves for having made an intentional choice that is aligned with how we want to feel and show up in the world.  

So, if you find you have a lot of stress around money, especially each time you pull out your debit or credit card, we invite you to pause and try this mindfulness exercise: Acknowledge that you are feeling stressed about money, take one deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this me spending money or me investing money in myself (my family, my health, my future, etc.)?” Give yourself a pause to tune into the answer. Just Notice + Name it. Then make your decision.

To help you remember, you can even put a little post-it note on your card or in your wallet with the question written right on it. 

This exercise is not going to change your current financial situation right this moment, but what it has the power to do is bring more intention and mindfulness to your relationship with moneyallowing you to feel more empowered about your choices instead of being a victim of your circumstances. When you can shift from stressed to calm, then you can make more clear choices that are aligned with what you want for yourself. 

Give it a try and let us know how it is working for you. Just reply to this email  - we loved hearing from so many women who replied to our email about time and we’d love to hear from you too! 

You've got this. 

xo Angelle & Jill

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