so this happened last week...


So I went to my functional MD last week and got my blood test results from my yearly physical. It was 'the big blood test' as I call it because it's a lot of tubes of blood and I get a lot of information. Sometimes more than I might want - at first anyway.

The good news was that there were improvements, especially with my thyroid.


Along with the good was the not as good. Nothing too concerning; just not as optimal as I had hoped. Which led me down a path for a few minutes (or maybe a day or two) of 'why even try?!'


Even though I know (thanks to one of those big blood tests!) that my genetics set me up for not doing well with many carbs at all, I was frustrated that after changing my diet and lifestyle so much over the past few years, there is more work to do if I want to optimize my health as I move through these next five decades (fyi - I'm aiming to make it to a healthy 103).


After a few days of feeling a bit sorry for myself and considering for a moment to just not care as much about all of this, I realized I had gone into my old 'fixed mindset' thinking pattern. 


I was telling myself I needed to get this 'right' and if I don't reach a certain 'destination' in my health, then I've failed and so why try. 


And then there was the, 'Who am I to be coaching all these women while I'm dealing with all my own health issues, not to mention my other issues (because there are other issues folks!)?!'


I decided I needed to pull myself out of my mental hole, do some self-coaching and instead of staying stuck in that Negative Nellie, Doomsday Thinking, intentionally re-frame all of this for myself. 


After a bit of reflection and journaling, I've shifted into my 'growth mindset' thinking around this. Here's the shift I've made in how I'm talking to myself: 


"There is no right. There is no destination. For as long as I'm alive, I will have a relationship with my body and my health. Relationships are always changing and growing and often there are growing pains. While there are no guarantees and it's impossible to know exactly what my unique body needs, I'm blessed to have access to this information about my body and to have practitioners on my team who can support me as I continue to learn the best waysto nourish and care for myself. Specifically right now, how to eat and move for my unique body and manage my stress. I am Divinely supported here." 


BAM! Re-framing can be powerful when you do it (and keep doing it because it's not a one-and-done kind of thing). 


I share all this with you because you may feel frustration around your own health and be tired of 'trying' so hard or of not knowing what to do and so you don't do anything.


Or, maybe you go into 'compare and despair' mode and look outside of yourself and think everyone around you has their shizzle together when it comes to eating and weight and managing stress and all the other stuff. (#sonottrue)


If you are feeling discouraged or frustrated and you're beating yourself up for not taking care of yourself, I invite you to re-frame your experience and see it as a journey.


You are in relationship with your food and your body and your life. And it's ever-changing. The beautiful thing is that YOU get to decide how to show up in these relationships.


We have so much 'say' in our health and well-being. Yes, genetics are a factor, but all the research is pointing to the fact that we have a lot of impact on whether our genes work for us or against us. When I look at my overall blood test results, I've seen the evidence about how much of what I'm doing does have my genes working for me. And I feel that in my body.


This is why I am more committed than ever to share our 14-Day Reset with as many women as possible. I want YOU to fully understand that you are in a relationship with food, with your body and with your life. And like Jennifer, you too can believe that you have the power to make lasting change...: 


"Before doing my first Reset I had very little confidence in my body and did not truly believe that I had the power to make any kind of lasting change. Enter Nourish to Flourish! I was beyond surprised! One Reset DID change my body, but most importantly it changed my mind! I discovered that I did have the "power"...the power to know better, do better, look better and feel better."


How beautiful is that??


If you haven't experienced this for yourself yet but want to...even if you are doubtful or scared or discouraged right now...allow yourself to re-frame your thinking. And take the action that will lead you to feeling more of what you want in your body and in your life. 


Today's the final day to register for the first session of our 14-Day Winter Reset. Doors close at midnight.


Are you ready to re-frame your thinking and say yes to showing up differently in your relationships to food, your body and your life? 

 If you are, Jill and I will greet you with a big virtual high-five or hug, whichever you prefer. :)


me laughing in pink shirt (edited-Pixlr).jpg

Midnight tonight is the deadline. Join us and all the other women who've already said "Yes, I am ready!" 

xo Angelle

P.S. If you have any questions at all about whether the Reset is for you or now, email us at hello@nourishtoflourishsociety and we'll be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions. You can also hear us talking about who the Reset is for and who it's not for in the short video at the top of the page HERE.