new video + "this isn't for me..."

A few weeks ago, Jill was having a phone chat with a woman who had reached out for support. Her friend had referred her.


During their phone conversation, Jill listened to her needs and goals and told her that the 14-day Reset would actually be a perfect place to begin. And then the woman said...


"The Reset isn't for me."


Of course, Jill wondered why so she dug a little deeper.


This woman, in her 60's, explained, "I read all your stuff and I love it. I see all the testimonials. And it all looks so wonderful.  But all your pictures show younger women than me so I've always I assumed this program is for young women, especially young moms.  So it's probably not for me."


Long story short, after talking with Jill a bit more about the program and learning that we have women ranging in ages from 18-82, this woman realized the 14-day Reset is exactly the right thing and she registered the next day.


Two things were confirmed for us from that phone call:

One, we need to better communicate what the Reset is and what it is not; and 

Two, we need to better communicate who the Reset is for and who it is not for. 


As timing would have it, a week before Jill's phone call with this woman, we were in the studio recording this video below about what the Reset is and who it's for.  Click below to play!

Today marks the 3-year anniversary when we came together and said "Let's imagine a program for women..."


And here we are 3 years later, fueled to support and inspire thousands more women in 2019 to nourish and take care of themselves every day, no matter what season of life they are in. 


Every woman comes to this Reset for different reasons and every woman leaves with unique results and benefits. 


If you are a woman who wants to look and feel your best and learn how to truly nourish yourself in body, mind & spirit, all while eating delicious food and practicing soulful self-care, then this Reset is for you, no matter your age.


We'd love the opportunity to support you. Click through to learn more about the 14-Day Reset, what it is and who it's for. And join us. We promise you'll be so happy you did. 


We shared this photo on  Instagram  -  5 minutes before shooting the video (above), Angelle ever-so-lovingly let Jill know she has a rip in the seat of her pants...and skin is showing! #aaaaandaction #rollwithit



"Before I did the Reset, I knew I needed and would benefit from this program; however, I had no idea how much these two weeks would benefit every area of my life. I keep coming back for more!" Lorna, 2018 Resetter