I had to learn this the hard way

Angelle here. 


When I was younger - my teens and twenties - I was pretty clueless about my body and what she needed and it took me learning the hard way that apparently it was not Mountain Dew, Ken's Pizza and Reese's Cups every day or staying up past midnight every night. ;)


As a result of not really understanding the connection between self-care and health and also not knowing what my unique body needed, I spent a lot of years dealing with all kinds of health issues and symptoms.


One of the most challenging issues I put up with month-after-month-after-month was PMS that would have me on the side-line of my own life for a week every month. Horrible cramping. Extreme fatigue. Back-aches. Tender breasts. Heavy bleeding for days. 


Unfortunately, I thought this was all normal. That's the messaging we get as women in our culture, right?


It wasn't until years later, after a pretty intense experience with depression that had me hospitalized for a week, that I began to connect the dots between self-care and my health. 


It seemed almost magical to me that when I started nourishing myself with better foods and habits and mindsets - crowding out the sugar and prioritizing sleep a bit more and quieting the 'Negative Nellie' self-talk,-  that my body started to respond with what I call Hormonal Harmony. 


PMS diminished so much that my period would sometimes surprise me - right on schedule but with no symptoms. 


My chronic stomach aches disappeared.


My mood brightened more easily and more often. 


I became curious about how self-care and my so-called 'normal' symptoms were connected.


This set-me on my own personal self-care journey where I became devoted to learning what I needed to not only survive, but to flourish. 



While there will always be ups and downs in my health journey the most important thing I've learned is HOW to tune into my body and into the kind of self-care and support I need on any given day. 


I've learned that self-care is an art AND a practice. 


It's something I will need to practice every day of my life if I want to be my healthiest happiest self for whatever age I am and whatever stage I'm in.


Unfortunately so many of us as women, never learned or have forgotten how to take care of ourselves and our unique body + spirit.


Let's face it. Self-care is still too often seen as selfish, taking time away from doing other things for other people. Being a good mom, a good wife, a good friend. And, when we put taking care of ourselves in front of doing things for others we care about, we tend to feel guilty. 


We often think of self-care as doing things like getting a mani or pedi or massage (both of which I love BTW) or having a glass of wine each evening while we scroll through IG and FB.


While doing those kinds of things can be a part of taking care of ourselves, self-care at the core is about so much more. It's about knowing yourself and prioritizing what you need in order to be your healthiest self in body, mind and spirit. It's about self-awareness. 


And, it's an ongoing journey because we're 'ongoing women', changing and growing and evolving. What I've learned for myself and with the women I coach is that true self-care is knowing how to tune into yourself and ask "What would most nourish me right now?"


Because self-care is a lost art and practice, it helps a lot to have a good foundational road-map with expert guides. And, some other travelers along for the journey. 


That's what the 14-Day Reset is. We've designed this amazingly beautiful and delicious self-care program that quite possibly will save you a few years of struggle. 


We've designed it to give you soulful + practical tools that will help you truly understand what your body, mind and spirit need. 


We show you the what, when and how of not only eating but of resting and playing and working so that you can work WITH your body instead of AGAINST her. 

Learning how to better care for myself, tuning into what my body and spirit need, has changed the trajectory of my own health and I know it can do the same for you just as it has for the hundreds of women who've told us that their own symptoms...like extra weight, low energy, crazy cravings, PMS, achy joints, poor sleep, bloating, eczema, or ___________________, quieted down and in many cases went away all together.


You absolutely can feel better and be healthier in body, mind and spirit. We'd love to guide you through the 14-Day Reset and show you just what's possible for you.  We begin January 13 and we invite you to join us!