{Podcast Interview} 87 Pounds and Starving for More :: Jill's Eating Disorder Story

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What began as an innocent response to a season of life that felt "out of control", quietly and quickly spiraled into ritualistic food rules, unhealthy behaviors, compulsive workouts, and obsessive thoughts about weight and body along with a rapid 40 pound weight loss and a life threatening eating disorder a year later. This was Jill's story 21 years ago. 

The thing is, it doesn't matter whether you're 40 pounds underweight or 40 pounds overweight or at your "perfect weight". If you're racked with food rules, restriction, dieting and you are waging a war in your interior life with food, body, and mind this podcast episode is for you. 

Recently, each of us was asked to be interviewed by Dr. Barb DePree for her Fullness Of Midlife podcast. And today we're featuring Jill's interview about her story with an eating disorder, how it's shaped her today and the blueprint it's created both for living her personal life and also for how she supports other women. 

If you're experiencing a less-than-life-giving relationship with food and your body, we know there are some golden nuggets waiting for you in this podcast. And if you have a friend or family member who could use wisdom and support around this topic, please share with her.

And as always, let us know what resonates with you. 

Click below to listen to the episode.