Jill hosted a Facebook LIVE class Tuesday evening with Elyse Cisler of Healthier Holland. Go check her out. She inspires. Elyse blogs about 4 topics: Fitness, Food, Farms & cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle. Recently, she's been sharing her tips and tricks for weekly planning and shopping so we invited her to share with our community.You can view the recording on our FB page HERE.

Shop prep plan weekly meals.png

Angelle was answering questions behind the scenes, linking delicious recipes from our blog as well as sharing our weekly menu planner. Visit the FB Live for the link to download your copy to print & use each week!  Isn't it pretty?


This FB Live was inspired by a recent poll we conducted at an event. The question was:

"What is the biggest hurdle for getting healthy nourishing meals on the table day in and day out each week?"  

PREP & PLANNING was the overwhelming response. We know this "hurdle" evolves from so many different situations for women so we wanted to provide several way to support you:

  • a FB LIVE to get the conversation going
  • a weekly planner for you to download and have handy
  • PLUS we decided to open up Chef Jackie's 12-week Summer Meal Plan for a FLASH SALE. It is open through TONIGHT at 9pm. Click graphic for details & 12-week menu plan!

Through the work we do in our 14-day Reset, we KNOW the value of getting the prep & planning established. And maybe you do too. When you have a plan; when you wake up in the morning and you know what's on the menu - breakfast, lunch & dinner; when you set this an intentional and valuable part of your lifestyle; you are setting yourself up to nourish & flourish. You feel better. You're eating better. You're thinking better. You're more emotionally grounded and less irritated. You have more space in your day to think about other important things during your day. You're not rushing to grocery store or drive thru last minute. Life is a little calmer. Because eating healthfully is foundational and when you get this in place, it is a catalyst for living and loving well day in and day out. It's never perfect. But it's a foundational tool that guides you.

I week meal plan chart - 5-6-18.jpg

Watch the recording, download your meal plan handout & check out the 12-week summer menu plan and let us know what you think! As always, we love hearing from you!