What to Do When You're Overdoing It?

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This week Jill counted similar conversations with 8 different women. Eight women who are all feeling scattered, frazzled and overstimulated. Feeling run over by their to do lists or kids’ sports schedules or work deadlines. They are either going to bed waaay too late or crashing by 7:30 because they have nothing left. The constant speed and demands of our life can make us grow weary.

Especially when the wisdom of winter invites us to slow down, hibernate and rest.

Maybe you feel this way too?

In response to these conversations, Jill wrote this week's blog post on this topic and just before she finished, she lost the entire blog post...and it was unrecoverable. 

So instead of rewriting the entire post and getting frazzled - which would be complete irony - she put into practice what we encourage our Reset members to do when things go awry. She removed herself from the stressful situation and asked: "How can I let this be easier?"

Because what do we usually do when things get stressful?

Often times we keeping going. Keep pushing. Keep hustling. Keep grinding. And sometimes that's okay, but she wasn't feeling that way today. And because Angelle is a business partner that aligns with these beliefs too, there's freedom and permission in letting it go.

Maybe you too would benefit from asking the question “How can I let this be easier?”

Click through to read Jill’s popular post: What to do when you’re overdoing it? to get a glimpse into how asking this very question often leads her into just what she needs to do: Slow. Down.

Here's an excerpt: 

If you find your life overwhelmingly full and you're always in a hurry, perhaps the best remedy is not to step on the gas. It is not to push, grind, force, crank it out, hustle, lose sleep, compromise connection within ourselves, our self-care and our loved ones. It's simply to step back and recover from the motion sickness and recalibrate your bearings.  All while listening to the new belief in your mind:

  • I do have time.
  • Life can continue without me rushing about.
  • My family will manage without me for this hour.

So this weekend, staring at all the things I could be doing. I dropped it all. Because...


 Read the entire post HERE.