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Recently, Jill cooked lunch for a group of women celebrating 'Friendsmas'. (Squash Pizza anyone?? We'll be sharing the recipe via Instagram in January so make sure you're following us there!) 


During the cooking session it came up that one of the women 'lives on' diet coke and granola bars - something Jill could relate to from years ago. 


The skin on her hands and wrists was patchy and red. She looked embarrassed and tried to cover it up with her sweater. She didn’t love the attention it was getting...until JIll said, 


“There’s no judgement here, darlin’. Your skin reaction is simply The Messenger. She (your skin) is giving you a message that something is not working for you. That’s all.”


Jill watched this woman's head tilt to the side with curiosity, her shoulders physically relax and her embarrassment and shame seem to take back seat.


The hostess Christy said to her friend, “This is what I love about Jill & Angelle! There is no judgement. The entire Reset experience and community is like this. You’d love it.”


There was no talk about her daily dose of diet coke and granola bars because it's not helpful to come from a place of shame or guilt or judgment.


Instead Jill said to her, “You could experiment for 14-days on the Reset and see if your skin heals, and if it does, maybe it will point you to the culprits of what is making your skin flare up.” 


This is at the heart of what we teach: Be open. Be gracious with yourself. Be curious...so you can ask yourself better questions on your food + health + self care journey. 


We are here to teach and guide, inspire and support you.


We share our expertise all the while holding space for you to discover what truly nourishes.


Because ultimately, your journey is your journey.  


And coming from a place of curiosity will strengthen your instinct about what youneed in any given moment or situation. You can tap into others for support and guidance but ultimately you learn how to be your best guide.  


The more you can cultivate The Art of Turning Inward, the more you'll know what's right for you. 


Instead of setting goals and resolutions this year from a life-zapping place of Compare and Despair ("I wish I looked like her." or "I wish I felt like that.") or from a place of 'shoulding' on yourself ("I should stopping eating X." or "I should work out every day."), come from a life-giving place by asking curious non-judgmental questions.


It opens your heart and your mind to discovering what most nourishes you for the long haul. (Not just how you're going to look after a quick weight loss diet for your new year's resolution! You want to feel nourished in your mind and spirit too, right?)


Self-care is about so much more than eating the 'right way' or getting a massage once a week or exercising 60 minutes three times a week. 


Self-care is about learning to be curious about what most nourishes you at any given moment. It's about asking yourself, "In this moment, what do I need and desire? What would be the most nourishing choice for me to make right now?" And then giving yourself permission to make that choice.


Self-care is ultimately about knowing yourself, what you truly need, and aligning with what's most important in your life.


And, self-care is an ever-evolving practice. There's no arrival. It's more of a way-of-being. It's coming from a place of love and curiosity instead of should or have to. It's about turning inward first. 


Self-care is what we teach, within a beautiful community of women, through our 14-Day Reset. And we hear over and over from women like Kerri, who are learning how to care for themselves by discovering what they need: 


"Before the Reset I ate whatever, whenever without paying attention to the things my body was trying to tell me. My weight was creeping up, my energy was low, and my migraines were increasing. This experience helped me learn the natural rhythms that my body needed and the foods to supply it - all along teaching me the "why" behind what I was doing. It made a huge impact on how I view food and what I need to do to nourish my body and mind. It also allowed me to take time for myself and really focus on the emotional and mental needs that I had neglected for awhile. I'm not much for journaling, but the time and effort I put into following the prompts for each day help provide me with insights into where I was and where I wanted to be. Overall, I lost 7.5 pounds, have renewed energy, less stress, and the tension in my head and neck have lessened. I'm so thankful that I took the plunge and did this Reset... it's the beginning of a whole new relationship between me and my body. She's phenomenal, and I want to treat her that way." 

What if in 14 days you could learn more about yourself and your needs than you have in years, or maybe even ever. AND, what if in 14 days you could learn to give yourself permission to meet your needs so that you could show up more joyfully in your life.


"The Reset helped me to LISTEN to my body rather than beat myself up for not doing everything just right. It helped me to give myself some grace and forgiveness for not being perfect and to start liking myself more just the way I am at the exact place that I am. I used to know that, somehow I must have lost it in the onslaught of life. The Reset helped me to listen to that small voice inside that only comes out when we allow ourselves to be still. Thanks Angelle and Jill for providing a space and asking the right questions to allow us to get back to our true selves and truly nourish ourselves both inside and out."~Sherree R.


When you register for the 14-Day Winter Reset by midnight on December 31, you get our early-bird pricing of $149. Starting January 1, the investment is $179.


Are you ready to learn just what your unique body and spirit need to flourish in 2019?