your real Christmas list...

We have a question for you, but before we ask we’d love you to bring your attention to your heart for a moment while you take a few long slow breaths.


Did you feel a slight shift within yourself? We love that shift that happens within just a few seconds.


Now on to our question...


If we were to ask you to make your own Christmas wish list, one that comes through your heart instead of your head, what would be on that list?


We’re guessing that while the _____________ and _____________ might still be on there somewhere, what you really want is found at a deeper layer within your body and your spirit.


Having experienced this ourselves and having coached thousands of beautiful women like you over the last 14 years, we have a few ideas about what would likely be on your list. Things like...


  • time to slow down, relax and take care of yourself

  • steady energy to get through the day

  • weight loss without dieting

  • more patience with your spouse, kids, co-workers

  • less belly bloat and irritablilty

  • ability to manage the stress

  • no more guilt and shame around food or your body

  • waking up feeling rested after a full night’s sleep

  • more patience, joy and ease each day

  • calmer in your spirit

  • deeper connections with your loved ones and with yourself


Just imagine if this is what showed up under your tree this holiday season.


How would your life change for the better?


We can actually share with you how it might change based on stories from the thousands of women in our 14-Day Reset who have experienced these things:


I have always loved learning about health but have struggled to put my knowledge into action. As a busy mom of three very young kids, having a full time job and a few hobbies, I never took time to cook or sit down to eat. Through the Reset, I had Jill and Angelle right there helping me make the changes my body was desperate for and helping me develop skills (more than just cooking!) to be more successful in nourishing my body well beyond these 14 days. This program was just what I needed to get me jump started on feeding my family quality foods and finding rhythms that build me up not only as a mother and wife, but as a woman. I was a bit skeptical going in, afraid that this was just going to be another health gimmick that I’d regret paying for down the line, but I’m thrilled to say it was really a fantastic experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m so grateful I gave it a chance! - Amanda S, Fall 2018 Resetter

Amanda is just one of hundreds of stories we receive each year.


Here's Brigid...


Wow! I was born with a coffee cup in one hand and cake sweet in the other. Drinking coffee, cappuccinos, expressos, lattes, my daily intake was somewhere around 6 cups. Really! But my mind was clouded, my energy was sluggish, my body was soft, my temper was short and overall, I was a hot mess! Today, I went to exercise class, drank 2 liters of water, had an herbal tea with a friend, washed the dog. I am happy, full of energy, focused, calm, and able to tackle my elephant of a life one bite at a time! Thank you! Brigid (Japan)

And Stephanie...


This Reset gave me permission and guidance to focus on what matters. It taught me to prioritize nourishing myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that I can then offer that nourishment to others in my life. The meal plans were thorough, easy to follow, and very tasty! The daily emails and journal components were just what I needed to de-clutter and nourish my inner life. Overall, I feel much more grounded and joyful following this program. Stephanie A.


It's super fun to receive gifts. What's not to love about cozy new socks, a fun pair of earrings, a Yeti travel mug, the Oxo y-peeler (yes please!)...


But if you were to take a few slow deep breaths and tune into your heart, what are those deeper parts of you really asking for?


And what is it going to take to experience them?


Here's our invitation to you: take out a fresh piece of paper or dust off that journal of yours and spend 10 minutes breathing into your heart space and ask yourself what's on your real Christmas list this year. 


If you look at your list and know that your body and spirit would love some TLC and extra attention, there's still time to put the NtF 14-day Reset on your Christmas List...or equally as awesome, give it to yourself as a gift (with a $30 savings if you register by midnight at Dec 31, no less!).

Details and registration are HERE.


We'd absolutely love to hear what's on your real Christmas wish list this year. Hit reply and share with us!


Holiday blessings,

Jill & Angelle