even Michelle Obama struggles with this...

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Self care. Even Michelle Obama struggles with this.

In her recent book tour, Michelle told the audience, “I needed to learn how to put myself higher on my priority list and not feel guilty about it.”

Right when she said it, you could hear a chorus of ‘oh yeses’ and ‘amens’ from the thousands of women there.

She went on to share her struggles with prioritizing her own self-care early in her marriage and mothering.

She talked about how she needed to learn to nourish herself better and to ask for support more often.

She talked about her fertility struggles and learning through marriage counseling that she needed to begin setting healthy boundaries for herself.

Angelle was there with her 19-year old daughter, and at one point Natalie turned to her and said, “She sounds really aligned with what you and Jill teach women!”

Here's the thing...no matter what our age or stage or shape or color or political affiliation or religion or other label that too often seems to separate us from each other, one thing we do share as women is that the self-care struggle is real. It's a journey. And it’s ongoing.

There were years when our self care journey was not so easy or graceful or sexy.

4 liters of diet soda every day.

Mad dashes to the convenience store when we were out of Mountain Dew.

Standing in front of the fridge eating cake or ice cream...for breakfast.

Sugar everything.

And for Angelle, there was a season of intense depression - hospitalized at age 30 - and PMS that had her sitting on the sidelines of her own life for at least a week each month.

For Jill, it was her journey through anorexia, post-partum depression and a Lyme disease diagnosis after experiencing years of chronic fatigue, brain fog and joint pain.

Here’s what we know. All of these experiences? They were messengers for us, letting us know that our lack of self-care was not serving us or anyone around us.

Over time, just like Michelle Obama, we had to learn how to nourish ourselves and practice self-care each day, even in the midst of our fullest of days, and the most challenging of seasons. And, thankfully we have learned how to do this.

Our own experiences fuel our passion to support women like you who want to show up energized, calm, present and joyful in your everyday life.

This is why we created our signature 14-Day Reset.

Through our own experiences and coaching thousands of women over the past 14 years, we knew we had to share our secrets to self-care so that it would be easier for us as women to show up in our lives with more presence and peace and joy.

(Did you noticed we did not say show up as a size 6 or 15 pounds lighter? There’s nothing wrong with a goal of reaching your healthiest weight, but underneath it all, it’s NOT about the weight - it’s so much deeper.)

Women often think our 14-Day Reset is only about a food plan and weight loss.

And while the menu plan and recipes are incredibly simple and delicious and give women success in their weight loss journey, the Reset goes way beyond that.

The 14-Day Reset is actually a beautifully designed guided coaching program that allows you to know what it really feels like to be nourished well and to prioritize self-care.

We love hearing from women like Deb after they invest in themselves through the 14-Day Reset who highlight this very thing:


“Before the Reset I was snacking uncontrollably at all hours of the day. I had shame and guilt over this, believing I should be able to control myself. I'm so thankful I took the plunge to try the Reset, to trust the process and invest in myself. I learned more than just what to eat, that it is so important to nourish myself, and that it's not selfish! I lost weight, got more sleep, kept the snacking at bay and still ate delicious food! The grace and support given by Angelle and Jill really enhanced the experience - there's no failure here. It was totally worth it and I can't wait to do it again.”

If you are a woman who truly wants to learn how to practice self-care each day - eating delicious food, slowing down in the most beautiful and fun ways, while being in community with other like-minded women and experiencing grace and support  - then our 14-Day Winter Reset is for you.


  • If you register by midnight on December 31, you only pay $149. Starting January 1, 2019, the investment goes up to $179.

  • If you register by midnight on December 31, we'll mail you your very special gift early. You're going to love it!

  • We accept HSA Credit Cards. You’ll receive a receipt when you pay. Check with your particular plan as far as any requirements like providing a note from your practitioner.

  • The first session of the Winter Reset starts on January 13. When you join us for the first session, you also receive the 2nd session FREE. You read that right. Your 14-Day Reset experience turns into a 28+ day experience for the same initial investment!

  • You can click HERE for all the details about the Reset, including the menu plan and what you get as part of the program.

  • We will provide you with the most incredibly loving support from the moment you officially say yes and register.

  • You’ll be so happy you did this for yourself. Click HERE for the stories of women who share their 14-Day Reset experience.


You can feel more presence and peace and joy in your life each day AND lose weight, have more energy and calm your cravings (and your life!) all while learning how to take beautiful care of yourself right where you are now. Join us. You'll be so happy you did. 

Are you ready for your healthiest, happiest year yet?