Soiree Recap


What would it be like to host a swanky fun party where women felt loved and cared for at every turn? And when they left, they sighed one of those relaxed sighs and said “This was so good for my spirit.”

This was a question we asked ourselves 6 months ago when we started planning this event.

Last week it happened. We hosted our first LIVE event - The Nourish to Flourish Society Soiree. We enjoyed the beautiful back drop of Lake Michigan in all her glory. The sunset was stunning that evening. The community of women, 140 in attendance, enjoyed food, drink, dancing, discussion and hanging out. Several friends and even some husbands volunteered their time to help us run this event smoothly.


Happy Hour with our local favorites: Kombucha kegs by Sacred Springs, Fresh Juice Shots with Bodhi Tree, Herbal teas and fruit infused water by our friend and regular Resetter, Kate @livinglark.  



We enjoyed a delicious spread of food by Chris Ferris and her talented team @farmhousedeli. There were beautiful flowers everywhere – a large stunning welcoming arbor and greenery all hand-made and foraged by Lindsey @whitepinedesign; and bright gorgeous flowers and tablescape created and inspired by Lexi @inthehutch.


We displayed quotes on every table to inspire the self care journey. Every woman went home with a branded NtF Society grocery tote and a swag bag of coupons and discounts to some of our favorite small businesses who promote self care.



We had a nightcap tea bar with wild and handcrafted organic teas lovingly created by Katie @wildpinehealing.


And with the help of local sponsors, including @EmboldenStudio who captured these amazing photos of our event (THANK YOU!) we were able to give away 20+ self care gifts.

Our profits of the event and our additional donations went to the grassroots work of SEE: Solutions to End Exploitation. We invited the founders of SEE, Rachel and Melissa, to share their work with us – definitely check out their work and support them. They are doing the hard and important work on the front lines to fight human trafficking right here in West Michigan.


So…besides giving women an absolutely lovely evening, our encouragement and challenge at this soiree and for you is to:

Give yourself the gift of self-love...every single day.

YOU are worth taking care of every single day in the most simple soulful practical ways. You are worth taking a pause and being still enough to listen in and ask the questions: What’s working? What’s not working for me? What’s missing? And pay attention and let your spirit inside guide you and speak to you to see if there are whispers (or blaring signs) that your body and your mind and your life clearly need a course correction. 

We want you to find connection and joy filled moments and peace in your mind, your body and your spirit no matter the season of life and take time to celebrate life with one another. 

We want you to feel inspired in your self care journey because it’s the catalyst for living and loving well. For those of you who are a part of our community, we’re grateful for you! For those of you who are looking for a community of love and support, inspiring and empowering your self care journey, we’d love to be the society of women to help you do just that.

One of the ways we can support you is through our 14-day Signature Reset. We offer two sessions Winter, Spring and Fall. This weekend, we’ll begin our last Fall Reset of the season. And we’d absolutely love to provide you with the foundational roadmap for food and self care as you come off summer and get ready to head into the holiday season.

Registration closes tomorrow and we begin this weekend! All the details are HERE.

This self-care journey? It's not about perfection. It’s ongoing. It's not about an arrival point. Truth is, we're always evolving and growing and changing. And it doesn’t matter where you are on your life journey. Just start. One. Small. Nourishing. Step. At. A. Time.