My Mountain Dew Habit

A lifetime ago I was a pop addict. Mountain Dew was my drink of choice. Until I was having chronic stomach aches that is and a friend said, "Maybe you should stop drinking so much Mountain Dew and see if your stomach aches go away."

Ha! Game on, I thought. I'll give up all pop and show you! There's no way drinking pop is causing me to have these stomach aches every day.

Except it was. My stomach aches subsided and I reluctantly conceded that she was right.

It's kind of funny to me now that I didn't think pop could be the problem, but since then, I've learned about the seriously bad stuff pop - diet + regular - does to our beautiful body. Crazy disease-promoting stuff. Just one glass a day even.  I decided I wasn't drinking it anymore and I would not buy it for my kids. Ever. It became what I call a Bottom Line. A decision that's already been made so I don't have to think about making it in the moment, each time pop is an option. "No thanks, I'm not a pop drinker."

So what do I drink when I want something other than plain water?

These days my drink of choice is Overnight Peppermint Tea. A few weeks ago I was hosting a potluck for my boys' baseball team and on a whim I filled up a beautiful glass beverage dispenser my mom had given me, dropped in 5 organic peppermint tea bags and a few droppers-full of Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops stevia and let it sit and 'brew' for about 6 hours. It turned out to be so refreshing. I was curious - and a bit nervous - to see if other people enjoyed it as much as I did. My taste buds have shifted so much over the years that I'm not always the best judge if other people will like the taste of something. Each person who had some told me they really liked it and even asked how I made it. Love it when that happens. Plus my kids really enjoy it and have been taking it in their water bottles to school many days.

As a bonus, it's super simple to make.

My container is 2 gallons. I fill it with water, drop in 5 organic peppermint tea bags, 2 droppers-full of liquid stevia and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning remove the tea bags and taste to see if you'd like to add any additional stevia.

Peppermint tea is great to give you a boost throughout the day without the caffeine or sugar and it can help alleviate headaches.


xo Angelle


P.S. If I could convince you to give up pop if you haven't yet, and to especially stop buying it for your kids and teens, I would be so happy. Like happy-dance happy. Your kids might still drink it outside of your house sometimes, but what an awesome message to send that you are not a family who drinks pop!