Debunking Diet Myths: All Calories are NOT Created Equally

Years ago I remember my Dad telling me "Angelle, food is food". 


It was in response to talking about the cost of the organic food I was buying for my family. I remember telling him, "Dad, that's not true today. When you grew up, you ate organic food but it wasn't labeled organic because all your food pretty much was REAL and organic back then. Today, as I am trying hard to feed myself and my family well, there is so much fake food, food that does not keep us healthy, I have to search out REAL food and unfortunately pay more for the kind of food you ate growing up."


While he was still frustrated by the cost of it, I felt like this may have been an aha moment for him.


This conversation is another version of the 'calories are calories' mindset that so many women have been misled to believe over the years and I'm hoping to offer you an 'aha moment' if you are of the mindset that food is food and calories are calories.


The truth is, just like all food is not created equally, all calories are not created equally.


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This is what we now know for sure: At the cellular level, food is information. In other words, food communicates to your body and tells your body how to communicate at the cellular level.


Take 100 calories from an apple, especially an organic apple. It is a cleansing food. It's filled with fiber. It has vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients; all information that your body wants, needs and knows what to do with at the cellular level and goes on to provide fuel that your body can use.


Now take 100 calories from chicken, especially a pasture-raised chicken. It is a building food. It's filled with Powerful Protein and Friendly Fat. It has vitamins and minerals; again all information that your body wants, needs and knows what to do with at the cellular level and goes on to provide fuel that your body can use.


Now take 100 calories from one of those 100-calorie packs you see at the store (or maybe in your pantry). The package is loaded with sugar, harmful fat if there is fat (aka margarine, canola, soy and/or vegetable oils) and a smorgasbord of ingredients that you'd need a chemistry degree to have any idea of what they actually are. These 100 calories of food (and I use that term "food" very loosely) do NOT contain any information your body wants, needs or knows what to do with. They give your body the information to: ramp up inflammation, spike blood sugar and insulin, create hormonal havoc, drain energy, ramp up crazy cravings and please store fat! And very soon after eating them, you're hungry because your body, in all her brilliance and wisdom, is still calling out for actual nutrients and REAL information she can use.


Our belief that all food is food and that all calories are created equally have created the most obese and unhealthy generation of people ever and women are consequently falling apart in body, mind and spirit and then beating themselves up for not being strong enough or having enough willpower to eat fewer calories!


We are here to tell you that you CAN eat more food (aka more calories) AND feel better, have more energy and fewer cravings as well as reach your healthiest weight. It's one of the things that most amazes women in our 14-Day Reset program, like this current participant who just posted in our private Facebook community that as she's eating more, especially more Friendly Fat (calories!):


I do not have many cravings at all. What I'm most excited about is having the energy to do what I need to do! Yay!!!! It's been a long time since I've felt this good!


We want this for you and for all women: no more counting calories ever again!


If you are ready to experience the demise of this diet myth once and for all and feel amazing freedom to not count calories and points, you can join us for our 2nd (and final) 14-Day Spring Reset. The doors are open now through May 10 at midnight PST.


Ready to say "YES, I want to stop counting calories, eat more and feel amazing? We can assure you that the $149 investment is an investment in your health and well-being that repays itself again and again after you have this experience. 


xo Angelle

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