Start Fresh...Drink Water...Be Kind to Yourself

"Start Fresh. Drink Water. Be Kind to Yourself. Breathe. Forgive. Get Outside. Girl, this is your year!" 


We love this print from the lovely and talented Lindsay Letters. We both have a print in our offices and Jill also has one in her kitchen. There's something that happens to us every time we read this print:


A deep breath, a calming sigh, a resounding YES and AMEN to these simple yet profound and life-giving words.


When you're thinking about all the things you want to do and feel and be in 2017, can we encourage you to start here?


Start fresh. Drink water. Be kind to yourself. Breathe. Forgive. Get outside.


In a high tech, rush about, everything-available-at-your-fingertips-world; where coming off a holiday season of overwhelm, burnout, should's and ought to's are at an all time high; and girlfriend, if you're being really honest, beating yourself up for what we are NOT, how you don't measure up, how you wish you looked, the guilt you pile on yourself, the shame, the fear, the judgment...whatever it is for you, these words offer a gracious place to land in your mind, body and spirit. EVERY time.


Start Fresh. Drink water. Be kind to yourself. Breathe. Forgive. Get outside.


This is such different language than what we normally hear from women:


"I've been bad today so I need to make up for it."


"I fell off the wagon, so now I need to be good."


"I ate 2 pieces of cake (or the entire brownie pan!) so now i need to workout for two hours or punish myself by starving myself." 


"I have no willpower, it's useless." 


And the list goes on and on...

Our wish for you in 2017 is to fall in love with taking the most exquisite and nourishing care of yourself: body, mind and spirit. Lay to rest the should's and ought-to's. Lay to rest the mind games and not-enough mentality. Lay to rest the idea that counting calories and fat grams and doing exercise you do not love is the new year's resolution pathway to fulfillment and happiness in your body, mind and spirit. Those practices do not embody a nourishing flourishing woman. Together, let's begin a new conversation to help you nourish and flourish in your body, mind and spirit. For now, start here:

Start Fresh. Drink water. Be kind to yourself. Breathe. Forgive. Get outside. Girl, this is your year. 

One beautiful day at a time. You've got this.