can you imagine shakin' things up for your "New Year's Resolution"?

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful practices, reminders & support. Oh, and did I mention I’ve lost over TEN pounds in the last thirteen days!?!!! My belly fat is almost all gone. That whole allowing your body to go into fat burning mode…there’s something to be said for that! You ladies rock!" 


This is such an interesting time of year because it's when we go all gang busters on counting calories and fat grams, eating lots of salads and raw veggies, sweating out the past 6 weeks of festive binging, vowing to give up sugar and to be super disciplined with our eating.


It's estimated that 99+% of everyone who loses the weight on the above 'diet' will gain it back (and more) within 2 years.


Would you invest in a plan with a 99% failure rate? Yet we do it. Again. And again. Year after year after year.


There are too many non-nourishing diets and cleanses out there that focus on depriving yourself, getting back 'on track' and punishing and restricting yourself for having too much fun and not enough 'will power' over the holidays. 


And if you're in any way a part of a winter climate, January is not the season to be eating cold salads, raw veggies and skimping on friendly fats anyway. It's counter-intuitive to the way your body desires to be nourished this time of year.


If you've been following our message, you know that's not us at all. We're all about nourishment and pleasure and compassion and honoring the seasons. 


Can you imagine shaking things up a bit this year and refusing to go into deprivation mode? Refusing to count calories and fat grams. Refusing to skip meals and play mind games and food games and instead, eat three nutritious delicious (simple) meals each day, get 7+ hours of sleep, learn the value and health benefits of slowing down, find yourself experiencing MORE pleasure with food and your body AND STILL lose weight, have more energy and calm your cravings?


Would you love to learn how to do this for yourself?


Join us for our upcoming Nourish to Flourish Society 14-Day Winter Reset  (formerly the 14-Day Cleanse). We received a lot of beautiful feedback about how our signature 14 day program is not a typical cleanse. It's so much more, focusing on nourishing both body + spirit. We decided on the word Reset because our goal is to help you reset the ability for your body + spirit to flourish through both nourishing AND cleansing.  


This is not a 'hurry, let's lose weight in 2 weeks then lose momentum and fall back into old patterns 4 weeks later' approach. It is an effective, nourishing, and sustainable plan that teaches you HOW to reach all your weight loss goals and gives you lots of support, structure, community, coaching and love along the way. You'll focus on eating with pleasure and mindfulness, not deprivation and restriction. You'll eat 3 nutrient-dense, delicious meals every day - no skipping meals or eating tasteless fat-free meals that leave you unsatisfied and hungry an hour later. Plus, you'll be surrounded by the encouragement from us and other women the entire time, cheering you on, supporting you and loving on you. 


Doors for the 14-day Winter Reset registration open January 4 - 11. It begins January 15. While you wait for it to open, check out our page HERE. There are loads of testimonials, answers to your FAQ's and a recording you can listen to of our previous cleanses. Still have questions and want to learn more? We're hosting a webinar on Thursday, January 5 at 8:30 p.m. EST and Tuesday, January 10 at Noon EST for you to listen to more. Details will be sent next week.


Do you want to know our favorite part about this program? Women like you. When you register, you'll be invited to join our private online community. It's AMAZING. The women in this group are actively supporting each other. It's a virtual love fest for you to feel supported, encouraged and also to support and encourage others. It's a truly beautiful society of women navigating this journey together. We invite you to be a part of it.


"The food was AMAZING! I didn't feel deprived at all. Doing the cleanse in community made it much easier. This is so doable!" Debra L.


 We hope you will plan to join us and the hundreds of other women so that you can nourish + cleanse your body and spirit in the most delicious ways this January. It will be the BEST way for you to start 2017.