the 'secret sauce' for losing weight...

We’ve been brainwashed over the years to thinking that all fat is bad for us. That it makes us fat and causes heart disease and cancer and everything in between.

Even though the mainstream media is starting to share the message that fat is not only NOT bad for us and that it’s actually extremely necessary for optimal health, the original messaging is rooted really deep. For so many women, their little internal voice still says over and over, “Fat is bad. Fat makes you fat!”

It’s led so many of us to thinking we are doing the right thing for our health and weight by eating low-cal rice cakes, oatmeal and pretzels.

By avoiding fat, even saturated fat, you are actually working against yourself when it comes to cravings, energy, health and weight.

Not only does fat taste good,,,um, yes please pass the grass-fed butter!...fat is your body’s most stable fuel source. And it's our 'secret sauce' to help you lose weight!

When you balance out your meals by adding in a lot more Friendly Fat from foods like coconut, avocados, raw nuts & seeds, grass-fed butter or ghee, and pastured full-fat animal food, you can expect to experience things like:

  • Fewer cravings
  • Better energy
  • Less anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Healthier skin
  • Less discomfort in joints
  • More sound sleep

We’ve coached thousands of sometimes reluctant people to adding in more Friendly Fat and it’s actually been life changing for many.

Like when Angelle had two clients in a local ‘biggest loser’ weight loss contest and coached them to add in lots of Friendly Fat at every meal. Initially one of them, pretty frustrated, said, “Angelle, I’m trying to lose weight and you’re having me eat so much fat!” She ended up trusting the process and guess what? These two women took 1st and 2nd place in that contest, while other women had been counting calories and points and NOT enjoying all of their low-fat food.

Or, when Jill coached a client who was struggling with afternoon energy crashes and sugar cravings; instead of having her change her beloved breakfast and lunch meals completely, Jill asked her to simply add in Friendly Fat and more Powerful Protein. By adding in more fat and protein, her energy increased and her cravings decreased.

While you do want to avoid all trans-fats and vegetable oils (soy, canola, etc), you want to add in lots of Friendly Fat at every meal, especially if you desire to lose weight.

You’ll notice that as you tune into our body more and more, you’ll know just what it needs to feel satisfied and nourished. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. What your body needs changes throughout the month and from season to season. Spring and summer are seasons where your body might ask for less Friendly Fat than it wants during Fall and Winter. Start adding it in and then tuning in. You’ve got this, girl!

AND, if you are really ready to jump start your weight loss, calm those cravings and boost your energy, you'll want to join the hundreds of women who have done just that in our 14-Day Fall Cleanse. Our menu plan is designed with the 'secret sauce' and will kick you right into fat-burning mode! The next session starts on October 9th and doors are open to register from September 28th - October 5th. Here's just one of the many testimonials we've received in our private Facebook group: 

“No weighing, measuring or counting points! I am amazed that even with adding the fat to my meals, I'm losing weight. I know this isn't just about weight loss, but what a bonus! And I've never felt better!!! No need to snack, I feel full at meals and even stop myself from cleaning the plate because my body’s telling me I don't need any more!!!”