summertime pesto

So I got this hefty load of fresh basil from my local CSA share last week. Isn't she gorgeous?

And the smell is intoxicating. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I posted this lovely photo on our Instagram page last week (Come and follow us! We'd love it!) and a woman posted and shared how she buys basil just to smell it. I LOVE it.


There are some really fun ways to use basil. A few of my favorite ways to use fresh basil are: a refreshing watermelon basil feta salad, bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and red onions and garlic + 18-yr aged basalmic vinegar on gluten free bread, basil vinaigrette drizzled on heirloom tomatoes, the hubby's lime basil mojito and the family favorite: pesto. 


Several years ago we discovered our son had a dairy and pine nut sensitivity so I got in the kitchen to create a delicious pesto that would satisfy our pine nut makin', parmesan lovin' pesto palate....without the pine nuts and cheese. 


Whether you're dipping with fresh veggies or making pasta (spaghetti squash pasta anyone?), or adding a delightful dab of flavor to your morning eggs, be sure to make gobs extra so you can freeze in ice cube trays and save for those winter months. Simply let freeze for 24 hours and pop the frozen cubes out into a freezer bag to enjoy through the winter. I have a delicious soup recipe that I'll share with you when the weather turns chilly where I add 2 "cubes" of pesto to the soup. Totally delish. 

pesto web.jpg


2 TBS walnuts

Process in food processor until ground


2 ginormous handfuls of fresh basil leaves (this is a very precise recipe)

2 cloves garlic, minced

Sea salt to taste, begin with 1/2 teaspoon

Process and scrape sides until basil is fully chopped up.

Then while food processor is running, add:

Extra virgin olive oil to desired consistency, about 1/2 cup

Store in refrigerator. Freeze in ice cube trays for long term storage.