your 5-step day after thanksgiving plan


Hopefully you read the blog post earlier this week with 5 tips for how to eat on Thanksgiving & not gain a pound. If not, take a few minutes to read it HERE.

What if, even after reading our previous post and having a great plan for yourself, you still wake up the morning after Thanksgiving filled with frustration and guilt about eating that extra piece of sugar-laden, gluten-filled pie or because you inhaled way more potatoes and gravy than you intended. And what if the number on the scale is 1, 2 or 3+ pounds more than you want it to be?

First, we want you to know that it's okay. Don't panic. The panic and frustration and guilt will actually increase your cortisol and that's your fat-storage hormone so you don't want to go there.

Here's your 5 point plan for the day after Thanksgiving if you wake up feeling not so great about how you ate on the holiday...

1. Return to gratitude. Spend a few minutes in gratitude before you start your day, really feeling into everything you are grateful for about your Thanksgiving day even if it wasn't all you hoped for with family and/or food.

2.  Get into a rhythm today right away. Drink lemon water when you get out of bed. Eat a breakfast with plenty of Friendly Fat and Colorful Carbs along with a moderate amount of Powerful Protein. Skipping breakfast because you think you ate too much the day before, will not support you in lessening any of the effects of your overeating the day before. It is actually likely to set you up for cravings and overeating later in the day. Eat a good sized lunch, making it the biggest meal of the day. Again focus on balance: Powerful Protein, Colorful Carbs and lots of Friendly Fat. (If we sound like a broken record with this message of balance it's because we see women over and over forgetting to do this and going carb heavy while avoiding fat and we don't want that to be you!). Eat a smaller--but still balanced--dinner and be done eating by 7:00 p.m. so your body can have a break from the energy-intensive process of digesting food. Give her a little extra TLC today! 

3. Eat or drink plenty of greens. Include those dark leafy greens in your meals today to help you balance out what was likely a lot of protein and starchy carbs yesterday. Eat a big green salad for lunch with lots of dark leafy greens and add leftover turkey and lightly steamed broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. Alternatively enjoy a big bowl of soup or stew that includes that leftover turkey and dark leafy greens. If you juice, even though it's not super seasonal right now, you could certainly benefit from a big green juice that has little fruit and some Friendly Fat like coconut oil blended in.

4. Drink 1/2 your ideal body weight in ounces of water between meals. Adding in a splash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice will help your body be hydrated and hold any sugar cravings at bay, 'cleanse' throughout the day and break down unhealthy fats.

5.  Move your body in a way that feels fun. Instead of exercising to punish yourself, move your body in a way that feels good. Fun and pleasurable. Maybe that means a walk or a yoga class. Maybe for you it's dancing to your favorite 80s pop in your bedroom or it could be hitting a Crossfit class. Whatever it is, honor your body. Love her up. Let her move how she desires to move. If it's slow and mellow, honor that because if you push through a hard workout to punish yourself, you're actually increasing your stress hormones and remember what that means? Yep. You'll be in fat storage mode. So move but do it with love and do it for fun. 

We know that a lot of our advice here goes against the 'starve-yourself the next day and exercise-to-the-max' voice that might be in your head. While that voice is trying to 'protect' you the best way she knows how, we're here to tell you she's had ineffective messages and programming fed to her over the years. If she shows up to tell you you're eating too much or not moving fast enough the day after Thanksgiving, send her some love and follow the 5 tips above. We promise you'll have a way better day and your body will thank you.

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