5 delicious recipes for your leftover turkey

turkey the gift that keeps on giving.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We are so grateful for YOU and for the whole Nourish to Flourish Society. It's definitely been magical and amazing since we launched just 7 months ago. So much to be thankful for.

Thanks to Chef Jackie White of Prep Like a Chef, we've got 5 delicious ways to enjoy any leftover turkey you have:

1. Save those bones! Bone stock is super easy to make (we promise!) and it's loaded with easy-to-digest nutrients your whole body loves. We actually consider it a true Nourish to Flourish food that you want to savor as often as possible. If you've never made it before, no worries, we've got you covered. Use our Chicken Stock recipe and just substitute the bones from your turkey. (and if someone else is roasting the turkey and isn't going to use those bones, ask if you can have them...seriously!) Plus, hop over to Instagram or Facebook for a second to check out Jill's big - no huge - pot of broth and the turkey soup she made with it. 

2. Feeling like a lighter, chilled salad? Make this seriously delicious Turkey Quinoa Pecan Salad

3. Want dairy-free comfort food? This Turkey Cobbler is sure to be a hit.

4. How about a big leafy green salad to lighten up and get in lots of greens? Try this Poppy Seed Dressing recipe with greens, turkey and any veggies you love.

5. Feeling like spicing it up a bit? This Fajita Seasoning will do the trick. You can rub or sprinkle it directly on your cooked turkey and make fajita lettuce wraps. 


We hope you nourish your body and spirit today in ways that cultivate even more gratitude in your life. 


xo Angelle & Jill


P.S. Watch your inbox tomorrow because Chef Jackie's latest 12-week Menu Plan Program will be available to help you save money and time while you enjoy deliciously simple meals and you're whole family is going to love, love, love these recipes!


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