stress and your cravings: true causes for your cravings part 4

"It's been interesting to me how my cravings have shifted. I used to crave sweets and chocolate HARD. But this weekend, I noticed that I wasn't craving that, even when my daughters were eating a delicious looking chocolate cake today I was okay. But I have been craving other things like avocados and generally healthier options. It's been fascinating to me.  I've been thrilled!"


We're on to the final part of this 4-part series on the True Causes of Cravings. Are you starting to see that your cravings are not a weakness on your part at all? They are loving messages from your body and spirit on how it desires to be nourished. Plain and simple. Isn't that beautiful? Today in part 4, we're talking about the juicy and scandalous topic of emotional reasons for your cravings. (In case you haven't read them, here's part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this 4-part series!)


PART: 4 Emotional Causes for your Cravings

Have you ever heard the phrase:


You’ve just come home from a stressful day at work or after rushing through traffic or shuttling kids around to activities, or caring for an elderly parent and you might find your car driving through Mc Donalds for some salty, greasy fries or a fizzy diet coke or you may end up ripping a bag of chips open when you get home. Perhaps you’ve had a super busy day and no time for yourself, you’ve just put the kids down and you’re walking down the stairs, where do you go? We want to stop and let you jot down your go-to rhythms are as it relates to your cravings.


Do you label these experiences as a lack of will power or discipline or perhaps "falling off the wagon?"


HERE'S WHY THIS IS RELEVANT TO YOUR CRAVINGS: What you’re actually after: the cookies, the chocolate, the chips, the bread, the latte, the beer, the wine (and sometimes in Jill's case, peanut butter pickle sandwiches and for Angelle, a dark chocolate bar from her sock drawer), is not the food itself.  It’s the feeling you get from it. What does this craving WANT for you?




Take this in for a moment....this is GOOD stuff. The food is merely the pathway you've created to get to the feeling you want.


What do we mean by this? Maybe you want to feel more relaxed and ice cream helps you wind down. Perhaps you want to feel more awake and focused and a fizzy cold diet soda is your vehicle of choice. Maybe peanut butter by the spoonful gives you comfort and soothes the loneliness but what you really crave is connection or intimacy.




Perhaps you come home from a busy stressful day - like one of our clients - who would make a beeline for the cupboard of snacks. She’d stand over the counter mindlessly for a few moments delving into the box of crackers or potato chips or whatever. Working together, we created a few new patterns for her and her cravings. Here’s what she started to do: she came home, poured herself a glass of water, sat in her favorite chair, she would sit down, sip on water, take 5 slow deep breaths and ask the question “what do I really want right now?” “What would most nourish me in this moment” or she’d say “what am I craving?”.  If a bag of chips came to mind, she'd go a little deeper: “why are you craving this? How do those first few bites make you feel? She’d identify how the cravings would make her feel (relaxed or energized or ME time or the need to wind down or numb out ... etc) then she'd ask...what other nourishing things make me feel that way instead.?” And she'd consider the other options in front of her to find nourishing ways to fulfill the feeling she's after.


Often times when we do this exercise with clients, they feel their fatigue after a long day and what they really need is a 5 minute power nap or they were stuck inside all day and a walk outdoors around the block to unwind and breathe fresh air changes everything.


Remove yourself from the trigger and start asking helpful questions.


So if you desire to feel calm, what other actions help you feel calm? Maybe instead of having that piece of cake or the popcorn, you write down nourishing things that help calm you. Perhaps savoring a cup of tea or taking a bath or shutting down the computer and phone and tuning into the present moment or hugging your child, breathing more slowly, admiring the beauty of nature around you or stepping outside and removing yourself from a stressful situation.


If you desire to feel energized, what other actions help you feel energized? Instead of a handful of m&m’s or diet coke or coffee, energy drinks or any form of stimulant, you go outside for some fresh air or take a walk, or dance it out for 5 minutes or call that friend who always knows what to say to you.


If you haven't had any ME time and it's the end of the day and you've been ON all day for everyone else, somehow, evening hours represent this rebellious I get to do whatever I want and no one can take this time away from me, or I've been looking forward to this time all day to pour that glass of wine and unwind. When you tune into what you really crave, it isn't really the food craving. It's the feeling you get from it.



We teach more about HOW to work with your emotional cravings in much more details in our upcoming 28 Day Calm Your Cravings course (details below!) and our Signature NtF 14-Day Cleanse (begins in January) and we've witnessed cravings being calmed when they better understand the connection we shared with you today. 


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Of course we know there's always more to the story. If your life is full and busy, stressful or over-committed, chances are figuring out HOW to begin to tune in and figure out what feeling you're going for so you can make a different choice can be overwhelming to do. 

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