Relationships + Stress

“Marriage + Parenting: Potentially the most beautiful and the most challenging things you ever do in your life.”


This is what my husband and I have told our three kids over the years.


We wanted to keep it real for them, acknowledge this verbally even though they could see it played out in our home. We wanted them to hear us talking about how being in close relationships isn't going to always be sunshine and roses and when it's not, that doesn't necessarily mean something terrible is wrong. 


...because let’s face it, being in relationship with another human being usually has lots of ups and downs. (If they’d all only just see the world MY way, it wouldn’t be so stressful - can I get an Amen?!)

Money + Stress

Last September, we were gearing up for our first ever live Soiree. 

A sold out event. 150+ women. 

Lots and lots of details. 

We had also welcomed in over a hundred new women into our Fall Reset.

Things were rolling. Lots of beautiful buzz on the visible end of our business.

Meanwhile, on the back end of our business, we were experiencing growing pain. Growing enough that we needed a bigger team. But not growing enough that we could pay for a bigger team. 

Running a small business is no small feat. There is a LOT that goes into it that most people cannot see. If you run a small business, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re the spouse of someone running a small business, you know it too. 

As a start up, there is sacrifice and hustle to get and keep things moving. But 2.5 years in, we knew we needed support in our business to both grow and to avoid burnout from trying to do it all on our own. 

Earlier in the year, we were introduced to a mentor that captured our attention. She believes in both the strategy and soul of a business. Something that deeply aligns with both of us. We knew we wanted her to be our mentor.

Enter the cost. 

We have an easy mindfulness exercise for you...

My son.

Bless him.

Early for everything. Even birth. He was born 7 weeks early.

On the subject of morning rhythms, he knows getting to school on time also depends on the readiness of his brothers.If they’re not ready. He’s going to be late.

So in the morning, he operates like a production manager meeting a very tight deadline.

When everything is going smoothly, the kid is an absolute peach. BUT when he’s feeling stressed about getting to school on time, he's full-out running and yelling all over the house like a drill sergeant.

Here’s the interesting thing: