the single most powerful eating strategy

I had an hour before picking up the kids from school with a work list three hours long. 


It would have been so easy for me to push through and hammer out the list while eating lunch at my desk. Or do a quick grab and graze in the kitchen. Or even skip lunch altogether. My default is to do those things. 


Why? Because I still listen to that voice that says my "to-do list" is more productive and more important than to take 5-10 minutes to sit and eat my lunch. Do you feel that way sometimes?


I feel this way more than I care to admit. 


But here's the thing: I also know I will not be as productive in my work if I don't take 5-10 minutes to sit and eat. I will lose energy and get irritable by 4pm. My cravings for sugar and junk dramatically increase when I skip lunch. I feel resentful and frustrated at the end of those days when I don't take breaks or downtime. And in all honesty, my list will *never* be done. I will always find one more thing to-do. 


So years ago, I started to practice something that has changed me for the better.

Do you know about the history of the Reset?

With so many diets and cleanses and health programs in the world today, we often hear clients ask...

Which one is the best? Which one will work for me? What makes one better than another? 

It's enough to make you want to not invest in any of them and just keep doing what you're doing, even though what you're doing might not be giving you the strategy, support or accountability to achieve your goals.

It's why we want to share the fun back story of the 14-Day Reset, so you know why thousands of women like you have joined us and why so many keep coming back to Reset with us each season. 

So, here's the scoop...

In case you don't recognize those two guys above, they are Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe, creators of the wildly popular Ancient Nutrition products you see all over the web and in stores these days. They are also NYT Best-Selling authors. Jordan was the founder of Garden of Life, one of the most successful supplement lines around. Dr. Axe is the founder of, one of the most popular online health resources today, with over 17 million monthly visits to his website. You may have seen him on Dr. Oz a few times too! They are undoubtedly two of the top natural health experts in the world.

We're a little giddy over here. Here's why...

We're just a little giddy over here. Why you ask? 

Well because we were included in this month's issue of our favorite no-hype health and fitness magazine, that's why!

Snag yourself this issue and check out Angelle's 2-page spread where she's asked to share her thoughts for an article called 'A Mindful Approach to Food Journaling'. Better yet, get yourself a subscription. We imagine you'll love this magazine as much as we do! 

The best part is the conversation being written about mindful eating + living.

Mother's Day Musings + how to show up more patiently in your life...

I sat across from my two 17-year old boys at the table we were sharing for our Mother's Day brunch earlier today. They have grown to be 6'3" and are bright and kind and handsome and funny and driven.

These two are juniors in high school and starting to talk seriously about college. My 19-year old daughter just finished her freshman year of college and as I write this is exploring Thailand with a professor and a group of young adults I've never even met. 

As I sat there, watching my boys eat plates full of the delicious food from the buffet at The Laundry, one of my very favorite farm-to-table restaurants, I listened to the Mama across the aisle repeatedly telling her little guy who looked to be about 3-years old to 'please come out from under the table'. She finally lured him out using a sing-songy voice.  I smiled at the familiarity of it as I was jokingly trying to get my guys to stop arguing about whose elbow was crossing the 'middle line' of the table and taking up too much of the other's space.