Do you feel like you don't have enough willpower?

If I had a chocolate Hail Merrie macaroon for every time a woman tells me she needs more willpower, well let's just say, I'd be a pretty happy girl.

I'm not big on relying on willpower. In fact it's a surefire way to NOT be successful at eating healthier.

Often when you decide to eat healthier, you think you have to rely on willpower. Needing to use a lot of willpower to 'not eat'. It usually ends up leaving you exhausted and obsessed with food, which means by about 9 p.m., if not sooner, you find yourself elbow-deep into a bag of chips or a carton of ice cream or scarfing down the package of cookies. Then, soon after, you're shaming yourself for failing - again - or you decide to ignore the binge - again - and start over tomorrow.

What My Grandmother's Passing is teaching me...

These hands. These arthritic, gnarled, wrinkled, soft and loving hands belong to one of my most favorite people, my grandmother. One year ago today, marks the passing of my sweet grandmother, Margaret. Affectionately called Marge. She was one month shy of her 98th birthday. We journeyed nearly 40 years together. I grew up down the street from her, spent many days with her, playing games and cards and piano together. We made meals together, sang songs way off key together, played jokes and laughed a whole lot.

I never thought much about menopause until now...

What I wish I had understood years ago is that as a woman, I was on the menopause journey from Day One. That my experience of menopause would be highly influenced by my whole hormonal experience. That the health of my hormones when I was 16 and 25 and 38 and all the years in between, would be intimately tied to my experience of menopause. 


And let's just be clear that I had a lot of years of hormonal havoc instead of hormonal harmony.